Adding Logos to your Photos and Videos: Create a Strong Brand Value


Adding logos to your photos and videos are not a new trend. It’s like the signature of the artists on their masterpiece that they have been created. Without this signature, a masterpiece is incomplete like a tree without roots. Like, a breeze without the scent of life. And, in this digital era, it’s even more – it’s authenticity.

Watermark – A Protection for Your Photos and Videos on the Web

Admittedly, it takes a lifetime to capture the right moment for professional photographers. It takes the last ounce of energy and dedication for the videographers to shoot raw material and shape out the gem from it by endless hours of editing. We bet, your work is like your child to you. It’s priceless. Moreover, if you believe that your work is your mettle, then adding logos to it is the only process to preserve the authenticity of it. It’s your creation and it should carry that pride of its creator. Yes, adding logos to your photos and videos is your last line of defense.

Best Watermarking Applications Need to Be Versatile.

Technically, there are tons of software applications that enable you to do the job. But, you need to find the best of the lot regarding their features, platform compatibility, user-friendliness and lastly, their prices. And, we have tried to handpick the best for you.

Let’s get to it.

The Necessity: Desktop Watermarking Apps

The search terms regarding this are mainly divided into two segments, namely, the best desktop watermarking app for videos and photos and their online counterparts. Here, we will try to cover both sides of the coin.


Despite being one of the best screen capture and screen recording desktop applications, Snagit works the same as a watermarking app both for photos and videos. Simply choose a logo to overlay. Snagit will turn it into a transparent watermark and you can drop it on your image or add the same to your video non-obtrusively. Further, there are tons of options for styling your watermark like fading, engraving and alike. So, if you are not planning for spending too much on the watermarking feature itself, then Snagit is the best solution. Clearly, the need for watermarking your photos and videos comes just after photo and video editing workarounds. So, if you look at it as a bundle of photo editing features with an array of watermarking features too, then it is the handiest desktop application you will be looking for.

Visual Watermark

260 fonts. 60 logos. 66 effects. Yes, it’s probably the best desktop watermarking app for videos out there on the market. Now, video editors know that watermarking is a necessary evil for them. During this very process, almost the entire processing power of desktop or laptops is gobbled up. So, for the user, their devices become idle for them when it is going on. But, Visual watermark does the same thing in a smarter way. It uses hardware encoding for this, unlike others.

The catch?

Visual watermark software uses the graphic card memory instead of your desktop’s processor for watermarking the videos. So, once your processor is not loaded with the watermarking tasks, you can do other computing works simultaneously. Smart. Right?

Further, It works on your computer, not on the web. That means it starts watermarking the videos at the instant they are added to it. You don’t have to wait for the video uploads to get completed. And, it works offline too. So, you always can add your videos to Visual Watermark on the go. Added to these, there are other regular features like watermark a batch of videos at once, save video watermarking templates for future uses and the irrefutable safety and privacy for your videos. So, it’s a complete set being a desktop watermarking app.

The next Thing: Omnipresent Watermarking App


This app is sure to find its place on every watermarking application list published to date. Statistically, it’s the only watermarking application that runs on all popular platforms like Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, and macOS. Watermarking photos were never made simple before it surfaced on the web. There are plenty of watermarking options with it as text, graphic or QR codes. Further, for the touch-happy users, it offers an array of controls to finalize it.

There are 157 fonts and using those you can create endless watermarking styles. Further, the multi-point touch feature enables you to easily, move, zoom/contract and rotate the watermarking logo. Further, you can add a batch of photos at once to it. The best part is, you can always import and create your own watermark or you can choose anything from a world of watermarking templates. It also got a free version which is pretty handy.

The Mobility: Online Watermarking Apps

We bet there are other desktop and cross-platform watermarking apps that are coming up fast but for the time being, you can stick to this detailed list. Now, as agreed, it’s time to move into the second part of the focal point of this article and that’s to find the online watermarking app for photos. Although the line is pretty thin between a native android app and the one you use through your browser, there is a certain limit when the watermarking features are concerned.

So, let’s dig.


The vision of the Watermark is a spartan one. Import. Edit. Export. As simple as that. Import your photos and video files from your laptop or you can do the same if they are stored on cloud storage to Watermark. Edit your Watermark logo and add it to the files. Download the watermarked files on your laptop or send those to your cloud storage again.

Is there any simpler process along with a pixel-perfect logo positioning feature?

Clearly, online apps are for the office goers and frequent travelers who are time-starved and Watermark is a breather for them. You can batch edit multiple files at a single point of time, add animated GIFs as your logo, create custom text watermarks and there is automatic tiling of your custom watermarks for better protection. So, as an online watermarking tool, it’s self-sufficient.


The last on this list but never the least. With Watermarkly, you can add your custom watermarks with logo and text on a large batch of photos. And, you are a browser away to do this magic. This particular app makes the watermarking process a painless one and without installing a scratch on your laptop.

Simply, upload or import your photos from your laptop or other cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. Edit and watermark them. Download the watermarked files on whatever you want. The best part?

Watermarkly is featured with automatically scaling of watermarks for photos having different aspect ratios. That means you do not have to worry about placing watermarks on your captured landscapes and portraits. Further, if the size of the uploaded photos differs, then it can smartly resize the watermark and place the same on those photos. It’s needless to say that there are other regular watermarking features under its belt.

So, if you are a professional and you like to choose the way of doing it, then this article is for you. So, what it’s going to be? Do share it with us.