94 Abstract Tattoos That Prove Art is Extremely Subjective


Art is extremely subjective, there’s no doubt about it. Abstract art in particular. It’s all about how you interpret it, which can be considerably different than how others do. And when it comes to tattoos, not many ink lovers go for abstract designs. I suppose that’s because deciding to get inked is huge, and people usually choose something which has a deep meaning to them – a symbol, a quote, a portrait, and so on.  That being said, I think there’s something magical about abstract body art. It’s eye-catching, edgy, interesting. Tattoo artists are very skilled nowadays, so much so that they can create delightful designs whether you’re looking for something traditional or want to experiment a bit. So why not try something different? To get you inspired, here are 90+ gorgeous examples of abstract tattoos you’ll definitely appreciate.


The nude silhouette, the splashes of colors, the elegant lines… I’m in awe over this design – so simple, and yet so powerful and feminine. Love it!


The lion’s expression shows just how talented the artist is, and those colors are to die for.


Geometric tattoos are very in at the moment, so you can’t go wrong with an abstract geometric shape. Especially when it looks as refreshing as this one.

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Why get a flower when you can get the whole bouquet? Another elegant and feminine design which I’m sure holds some secret meaning for the wearer.


Is that an octopus? Is it a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie? Is it an eye? I guess it’s up to us to figure it out.


That’s one on fleek shark, if you ask me. He surely knows how to highlight its best features. Some days it’s all about the make-up, #amIrite?


The snail is great, but those geometric influences really give it a bit of an edge.


If you decide to get a full sleeve tattoo, better make it a good one. Case and point.


I see smoke. Colorful smoke. And I love it.


That could be brush stroke. Or an abstract symbol. Again, art is subjective, and body art is no exception.


The details of this design are wonderful – the splashes of color, the broken triangle, the fuzzy space reference… Great work!


Looking for a great way to take a Polynesian design to the next level? Here’s an idea. A good one. The end result is mesmerizing.


Another design featuring colorful smoke? I’ll never say no to that.


Not really sure I have any idea what this design is about, but I applaud the execution.


This is lovely. Colorful, lively, provocative. Abstract art at its best, I might say. The musical symbols are particularly well-done.


And what about this gorgeous tree? I’m drooling over here already.


Remember what I said about geometry? Well, here’s another design that might make you want to run to the tattoo parlor immediately. This abundance of shapes and colors would catch anyone’s eye.


And here I thought it’s hard to capture a gesture in drawing. This artist proves me wrong. The design is so great it almost looks 3D.


I’m scared of wolves, but I’m digging this abstract rendition of one. Maybe because of the eyes – so passionate and full of life.


Is this the sun? The moon? Is it bleeding? That’s sad. But also makes for a great design if you ask me. Also: geometry, we meet again.


If you want a spider web on your person, this is the right way to do it.


I like how this design makes you pause for a few seconds to truly soak it all in. And once you do, you’ll likely ask for a second viewing.


A great example of how you can combine multiple elements to come up with a design that truly represents you.


I’m a big fan of quote tattoos, so I’m obviously head over heels for this one. The hand prints only make it even more thrilling.


Another full sleeve tattoo impeccably executed. I especially appreciate the stars and the flames.


Whimsical, eye-catching and very, very cute.


Colors, colors everywhere! Not complaining at all. This design and its gorgeous shades of blue is actually making me very happy.


If you want an abstract tattoo on a larger scale, you need to be sure about it. I love this, but not many people can pull it off. Just make sure you’re 100 percent comfortable with your decision before getting inked. And prepare to spend a fair amount of hours in the artist’s chair. But if you’re certain, it’s definitely worth it. Look how gorgeous it can turn out.


The man, the myth, the idea.


This looks like brush strokes, messy ones. Maybe it’s meant to convey some sort of darkness. I bet that’s it.


Two moons, united. I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I will say that the design is elegant and captivating.


Now this is what I call a masterpiece.


Abstract flowers are very compelling, especially when the execution is so beautiful.


Colors of the world, spice up your life! (I’m quoting a Spice Girls song for those of you born after the year 2000).


That shape alone would have been interesting, but the splashes of color and the quotation marks bring it to the next level.


Matching tattoos can be awesome, especially when the details are so on point.


I love this, although I’m having trouble figuring out what it represents. But I like looking at it, which I guess is the whole point.


Another variation of the full sleeve tattoo, this time with a darker theme.


A mixture of symbols and designs, which come together in stylish fashion. It’s a polished and eye-grabbing piece of body art for sure.


Cool tattoo, cool top, cool girl.


That eye is so expressive it’s almost giving me chills. But the entire design is gorgeous, so I’m going to keep looking at it indefinitely.


Such strong colors, such amazing attention to detail. Lovely indeed.


Trees make for awesome tattoos, and here’s another example of that. Not particularly excited about the insect hybrid, because insects are creepy, but it kind of works here.


I have never seen any other design to convey the feeling of summer as much as this one. Plus, it’s adorable.


Pretty sure that if I’m going to lean in I’m going to see my reflection. It’s just that realistic and expressive. Don’t you agree?


This one features another insect, so I’m just going to applaud the great use of color and move on. I am scared and not at all ashamed to admit it.


The rat looks sad. Why is the rat sad? I have to know.


Geometry! Geometry! Geometry! I am very excited about this one.


Colorful smoke, we meet again. This time, a gorgeous portrait accompanies you, and it looks incredible.


The bird is uber-cute, and the colors are on point.


Another nude silhouette, another great use of geometry.


I wonder if this continues on the other side of the leg. Either way, it’s pretty dashing.


This makes me think of fire and passion and sacrifices for some reason. Maybe it’s because of those lovely shades of red.


I love everything about this.


This is a darker, but equally awesome design. Skulls are pretty popular tattoo choices, but the wearer of this one surely knows how to stand out from the crowd.


I love everything about this as well. There’s something both soothing and exhilarating about it.


Quirky fonts I dig. Interesting quotes I dig even more. And roses? 100 times yes.


This design has an elephant, deformed faces, and a girl with a great hairstyle. What more could one wish for?


Tree + skeletons = Love. At least in this instance. The execution is flawless.


The eyes are creepy, but the entire design is extremely powerful and engaging. It kind of makes you think about the future of humanity. That’s deep for a tattoo.


Pretty flowers, yay!


I’m not going to gush over the perfect use of geometry again, but I am going to say that I really like that font.


So whimsical and cute. I kind of want to hug the giraffe though – it looks lost. On the other hand, aren’t we all a bit lost?


Another abstract mixture of symbols that kind of reminds me of any Tarantino move ever.


Brush stroke and color splashes. Lovely!


A colorful, abstract owl that looks like a dream came true.


If you want a feminine tattoo, this one will definitely do the trick.


A beautiful design (and maybe even a nod to American Beauty?).


I don’t speak German, but I will however appreciate the awesome execution of this piece of body art.


Another wolf, another great set of expressive eyes. What is it with wolves and their eyes? They’re mesmerizing.


The placement for this tattoo is absolutely perfect.


It doesn’t get more abstract than this, does it?


Scary and beautiful at the same time. That’s a tough balance to pull off.


I want to fall asleep looking at this and dream a wonderful dream full of kittens and color and kites and playful children.


One word: amazing.


A charming fellow. That moustache is so hipster-like I endorse it 100 percent.


Great use of color, and astonishing attention to detail. I’m in awe.


I love the blurry edges.


The great thing about abstract tattoos is that they start a conversation. If you’re having trouble coming up with some decent small talk, just ask people what they think this represents. It’s an interesting exercise.


This makes me think of travel. The elephant is especially imposing.


A touch of color is enough to give your design a bit of an edge.


This tattoo is so graceful I want to cry.


A butterfly and a whole lot of color. Stylish.


I’m starting to believe that’s it’s enough to combine a few shades together to create an amazing design. That’s not true, as there’s a lot of work behind this masterpiece. However, it looks effortless and uber-cool.


Hello, mister Bear!


A complex and eye-catching design. There are so many symbols here it would take me forever to interpret them all, so I’m just going to applaud the perfect end result.


This makes me think of the dessert for some reason. And let me just say that those splashes of color are to die for.


Simple, elegant, tasteful.


Roses are red, they go well with blue, the contrast is cool and the tattoo is greattoo.


A great way to give a portrait a bit of a pop.


I’m spellbound.


So chic!


*cough* Geometry *cough*


Are those birds? Because they’re very fancy.

As you can see, abstract tattoos can be really eye-catching. If I’ve inspired you to get one yourself, work with a designer or with your tattoo artist to come up with a unique draft. You’ll wear it with pride for sure.