A Female Journalist Conducted an Experiment: She Registered on the Webcam Site BongaCams and Earned $1920!


In the age that we live in, new ways for earning money are constantly emerging. While the good old traditional jobs aren’t going anywhere any soon – seeking alternative opportunities is both exciting and helpful. During the pandemic, a lot of information about alternative ways of making money began to appear on the Internet. We began to wonder what modern opportunities offer and which options are worthy of attention. We were especially attracted by the sphere of webcam, and we decided to check whether thousands of girls are really making good money on adult websites.

Webcam-related jobs are on the rise nowadays, but many people aren’t all that informed on how this works. Not to mention that how much it pays is pretty much an urban legend for many. All of that being said, to inquire some more in-depth knowledge on this topic, what better place to find it than to ask webcam models themselves.

Who did we interview?

To begin with, we talked to several webcams-models, who have accounts in social networks. It turned out that many of them work in pairs with their husbands or boyfriends, and some of them broadcast together with their girlfriends.

We decided to take a closer look at the world of webcam and see how everything works from the inside. For this purpose, one of the journalists registered on BongaCams, a webcam site ranked 36th among all the sites in the world according to the Alexa rating. On a special website of BongaCams – BongaModels.com, there is information about the girls’ earnings over the last month.

How does one start webcam modeling?

The overall signing up process took about 10 minutes and half an hour later the application was approved. The journalist decided to go online right away. She broadcasted exclusively wearing a swimsuit, without undressing, and communicated with users only on the most common topics. Working only a couple of hours, at a time, she managed to earn $1920 in a few days! No one expected a result like this, we must admit!

Does the job pay well?

In addition, the journalist talked to several webcam models on the site – a girl and a couple who had been working on BongaCams for some time already. They confirmed that by being home and just communicating with users, one can earn decent money. It’s not a must to look like a model or know any special tricks. This means that there is a huge variety of people opting for webcam modeling. Not only is this inclusive as an idea, but it actually creates a pool of jobs for people that otherwise have their options cut short from them.

Ultimately, this doesn’t mean that only those that “have to” do this job opts for it. Webcam modeling is a good source of income, and for some – it fits right into what they enjoy, making the situation the best of both worlds!

Finally, the conclusion to whether earning money through webcam-modeling was more than satisfactory when it comes to all the important parameters. Having worked on BongaCams for just a few days, the journalist managed to see that webcam sites create as favorable conditions as possible for earning money. Given the possibility to work from home and go online at any time, webcams can be surely called one of the most accessible sources of income.

It is important for all of us to be more inclusive and open-minded when it comes to how people earn money. Especially when new job opportunities such as webcam can guarantee a good and stable income and a lot of fun while making money.