9 Things in Life that Only Australians Can Relate To


Australia is one interesting country that’s for sure. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone visiting. Many travellers are left speechless by how good of a time you can have basically in every corner of the continent. But there’s a different side to exploring Australia, and that’s seeing how the locals live their day to day lives. Let’s put it this way, there are some things in life that only Aussies can relate to. After all, they live in a place where lunches with tons of drinking and poker machines are like rituals. Let’s see a list of things that are normal to Aussies, but foreigners just don’t seem to get it.

Shoes are the Absolute Worst

You want to know why shoes are disliked so much? Australia is hot as hell, that’s why. Because of the high temperatures, Australians are not okay with putting socks on, let alone wearing shoes on a daily basis. Whenever they have something casual to do during the day, they prefer to walk in flip flops. But often times, you’ll see people walking around barefoot and that’s totally fine. Now imagine seeing this anywhere else in the world, and how people would react to noticing someone walk with no shoes on the street.

Flat White

You have probably heard of flat white, but do you know what is it? You might think that it’s cappuccino or a latte. Well it’s not. Flat white is a very strong coffee with higher-than-normal amount of espresso, but less milk and velvet foam. The coffee is quite popular between Australians, because it’s yummy and strong. I guess you can say flat white is everything Aussies need in a sleepy morning.

The Love of Cricket

Cricket is special in Australia. In fact, back in 2007, a survey conducted by Sweeny Sports had discovered that 69% of all Australian public have an interest in cricket. Because of the insane popularity in the country, cricket is often recognized as Australia’s national sport. In 2010, official audience data shows that 93.6% of Australians watched cricket on TV. We think it’s safe to assume that this number is bigger today. In 2005-16, a record number of 1,300,000 Australians played formal cricket – which is an increase of 9% in comparison to the previous year making this sport Australia’s biggest in participation.


Apart from playing cricket, Aussies also enjoy betting on it. The combo of going to a stadium to watch a game and also have a few bets boosts up the thrill and makes the experience even more enjoyable. There’s a good amount of legal sites for placing bets on cricket that are trusted by Australians who like the concept of online bookmakers.

Sundays with Many Bottles of Wine and Beer

Everyone enjoys long weekends in Australia. Most of the people like to have a nice gathering at some local pub early Sunday afternoon to continue with drinking. This can get complicated for the guys that have to work on Monday, but it doesn’t seem to matter much, as Aussies like to drink, party and cheer life to its fullest.

Never Enough Chicken Salt on French Fries

French fries are by default one of the most unhealthy foods you can eat. But in Australia, people like to take it to a whole new level by adding amounts of chicken salt on the fries. It might be weird to suggest this, but french fries and chicken salt is one of the things you have to try while visiting Australia.

So what is chicken salt exactly? It’s basically the most yellow-reddish-colored thing you can find and use as an ingredient, and the brighter the salt color, the more tasty it is. However, the idea of shredded chicken skin combined with mushroom powder is not so tempting for the rest of the world. Except for the Americans, of course. They tried to recreate the original recipe for the chicken salt, but it’s nowhere near as good as the one you can find in Australia.

Shotgun Seat in a Taxi

Australians have a habit of taking the front seat in a taxi. That way, they can easily chat with the driver about some topic happening in the world until they reach their destination. If you do this anywhere other than Australia, especially in some bigger cities, you’ll probably get thrown out of the taxi, or get a few bad looks from the driver at least. So, if you ever get the chance to ride a taxi in Australia, do it. It will be an interesting experience for you.

The Sound of Poker Machines

In Australia, poker machines are known as “pokies” and unlike the rest of the world, these things can be found basically everywhere around the country. No city is too small, and no person is too poor for poker machines to be placed in the back of every pub, club and bar. There’s a discussion paper that shows that there are only 241,000 poker machines in the world placed in non-gaming venus. The majority of those poker machines, approximately 183,000 are in Australia’s pubs and clubs. Pokies add a total of $8.32 billion in value to the Australian economy, and this alone shows how popular these machines are among Aussies.

Shortening Words

Well this is more of a tradition. And sometimes, saying the whole thing is too much effort for them. When we say shortening words, you’d think that they are only doing it for the big words, but you’re wrong. Aussies like to shorten the short words as well, which doesn’t make much sense. Regular people use the diminutives as an easier way to fit in, and politicians use them to be sympathized by the public. The approximate number of used diminutives in Australian language is 4,000 per day. Now, imagine how much o’s and z’s are in the play here.

The “Never Dog Your Mates” Phrase

If you dog your mates, you’ve done something bad to your friend or friends. The phrase means “never abandon your friends”, even though it’s a bit ironic, because a dog would never leave you. Friendship is a very valuable thing, and if one friend fails another, Aussies have a way to make them feel guilty in return. “Never dog your mates” is probably the easiest way to make an Australian question his/hers actions. So, keep that in mind.