8 Things You May Want to Move to Australia For


Setting up your mind to move and live in a different country definitely isn’t easy. You have to start your life all over again, and if you’re above thirty, this is never easy.

But hey, maybe going through all this is worth it after all. Especially if you have decided on moving to the Land Down Under.

And even though websites like International Citizens have a much more in-depth information about the technicalities of moving to Australia, we’ll focus a bit on the more picturesque side of the country.

So, let’s go over eight things that set Australia apart from any other place to live in in the world.

It’s the best place to go on road trips.

Unlike any other country, Australia is its own continent. This means that trips are both long, because of the sheer size of the country, and border-free.

And with the vast space comes a massive opportunity for you to explore. So, if you love to travel and stay away from busy highways and megacities, Australia is the perfect place to take long road trips, which of course, are made even better by the constant sunshine and what seems like limitless access to beaches.

The weather is excellent.

Yup, just as we mentioned above, during most of the year, the weather in Australia is exactly how you remember the hottest summer day in your life. Not only that, but the high humidity in the air makes it just about perfect for spending every day of the year on the beach.

But, of course, this isn’t just you. The whole of Australia a certain vibe to it. That’s why…

People are laid back and super friendly.

Australia is well-known for its chill atmosphere and laid back attitude of Ozzy’s. And it’s everything you would imagine it to be.

Most of the people there aren’t required to wear a suit to work, and even better, all of them are allowed to wear shorts if they feel like it. Compare this to the United States where if you turn up with shorts to most corporate offices will get you sent back home to change, and you’ll know why this is such a big deal.

And not only this, but the whole attitude is one of calmness, coolness, and just living for what truly matters.

The wildlife is like none other in the world.

But no, like seriously. The animals of Australia are like no other in the whole world. Being the only place on the planet to have native box-fighting kangaroos (or even calm kangaroos), Australian wildlife is truly unique, even though sometimes dangerous.

Yes, you also have the deadly snakes, spiders, and what seem to be sprinting alligators, but hey, no other place in the world has them!

So, if you love all kinds of animals, not just the cute ones, then this is a huge plus.

There are beautiful beaches.

Well, duh. The place is just a humongous island. And as we all know, islands are surrounded by water. And every major city is positioned precisely next to the ocean, which Australians have made sure to also have an abundance of beautiful, warm, sunny beaches so you can go and spend some time sunbathing if you ever fill the need to.

Not only that, but as it’s such a vast land, The Land Down Under has also numerous small, wild beaches for you discover. Maybe you can put this as an extra task during your road trip?  

History and culture like no other place.

While Australia is definitely not the world’s most history-dense country in the world, they do cherish what little history they have.

But even though they don’t have a thousand-year-old buildings, they do have some quite unique culture to be proud of. What exactly it is? Well, you’ll have to wander a bit and find out for yourself.  

You can travel for cheap.

Australia is known as a pretty expensive place. But with that being said, it’s also a place where most people are interested in traveling on a budget.

That’s why a huge chunk of Australia’s tourism is geared towards budget travelers who don’t want to spend a year’s worth of savings just so they can go on a trip.

This and our above point of Australia being one of the best places to road trip in makes it a fairly successful combination.

The lifestyle is excellent too.

Yes, Australia may be a bit more expensive to live in, but the quality of life and the lifestyle are like no other place in the world.

Australians appreciate a good barbecue so much, that if you’re pretty social, you can attend two or three per month on a regular basis. And if you like to open a can of beer and enjoy some sweet BBQ yourself, this is definitely a plus.