7 Wonderful Summer Vacation Destinations In Mexico


Mexico is an incredibly popular tourist destination and it is easy to understand why. Millions of dollars were invested in the tourism infrastructure of the country. Nowadays, it includes some of the best summer vacation destinations for people of all ages and tastes. There are basically miles of wonderful coasts, friendly people, a vibrant culture and incredible sunny weather. The country does have a unique alluring appeal.

It is actually really hard to choose the very best summer vacation destinations in Mexico since there are countless options that are available. However, according to tourists from all around the world, the following should definitely be considered as they are simply wonderful.


Cancun definitely needs to be included on such a list. It is one of the incredibly popular Mexican destinations. It manages to draw history buffs, adventure seekers, party animals and sun seekers. You can enjoy a practically endless beach stretch that features white, soft sand.

The waves are turquoise and have numerous thrills for fishermen, jet-skiers and divers. You can easily visit Mayan ruins that can be discovered. During the night, you can have a lot of fun at one of the numerous clubs and bars. If you do not have what to wear, numerous shops are available, allowing you to buy clothes that are fantastic. You can easily find everything that you would imagine in Cancun.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful opportunity for those looking for a sunny vacation spot. This is a location that is highly balanced, a paradise on the Pacific Coast with a laid-back attitude. It is simply perfect for both new and old people.

You will surely enjoy some tanning sessions on the relaxing beaches and between them, you can go to restaurants and galleries in Downtown and Old Vallarta. The evening should be spent sipping some margaritas and having great time with locals or other tourists.


Cozumel became famous around the 1960s because of Jacques Cousteau. He enjoyed the area a lot and called it a true underwater dream. Nowadays, scuba divers understand why since we are talking about one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the world. Here you can find the world’s second largest coral reef. Snorkelers and even fishermen often visit this area. When you get out of the water it is a good idea to go to San Miguel since there is some lovely handcrafted jewelry just waiting for you to buy them.

Los Cabos

In Los Cabos you can find numerous tourists and celebrities. There are 2 seaside oases available in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Different experiences and atmospheres are available at these oases.

In San Jose del Cabo you can feel the authentic Mexico, with its Spanish colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. In Cabo San Lucas, the neighborhood lights up thanks to its evening entertainment or the luxurious shopping. There are Posh resorts that wait for you.

Riviera Maya

The party scene of Cancun is wonderful but if it is too much for you, it is a good idea to go to the mild child of the Yucatan Peninsula. There are countless low-rise luxurious resorts that are surrounded by incredible lush jungle, all around turquoise water.

At Riviera Maya you can enjoy zip-lining, riding and hiking. Snorkeling is also something that you will enjoy if you go to Akumal and Puerto Morales so you can see some sea turtles. When you want to drink some tequila or buy handmade souvenirs, Playa del Carmen is something to take into account. There is a pretty good possibility that Riviera Maya will become a favorite of yours if you give it a chance.

Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit is one of the newest incredible resort destinations that Mexico has to offer. This West Coast region is framed by the incredible Sierra Madre Mountains and the picturesque Banderas Bay beaches. You can surely enjoy the Nuevo Vallarta beautiful resort or the Sayulita Boho surfer haven. San Blas is colonial and you can never forget about the numerous charming fishing villages in the area, allowing you to get a view of local art, furniture and unique pottery.


Mazatlan is a Gold Coast city that is quickly becoming popular among international tourists. It is a great time to visit since the crowds are not so numerous. If you decide to visit, there are 12 dreamy beaches miles that are a huge draw. You can also enjoy the restored old town as it is a tropical neoclassical, historic destination that gives you access to a vibrant food and art scene.

Even the locals often visit Mazatlan because of the beautiful experience that is available there. You will surely enjoy fresh seafood in open-air bistros and you will definitely enjoy the entertainment that is available for you. If you are interested in local culture, Mazatlan should be considered.


Mexico gives you access to so many incredible getaways. You will have a hard time to choose between them, especially if you can only visit one time. If you do not know where to go, it is a good idea to work with a travel consultant. Choose one that will help you to make a good decision, based on everything that you want to achieve. Have patience and read everything that you can about the numerous destinations highlighted above. There is a really good possibility that you will find one that is quite interesting.