7 Ways to Expand your Writing Talent


For modern life, writing is essential. Well, if you think you are not a writer, think again. The posts on social media, statuses on WhatsApp and even writing messages to friends and family make everyone a writer. However, what makes one stand out is their ability to keep an audience engaged and entertained.  Your ability to intelligently, clearly and convincingly write makes it easy for your audience to keep visiting your website. Truthfully, if your content is excellent, you will have more traffic on your site. The advice you will get is “write from your heart.” This is a generic piece of advice that almost always doesn’t work. While some will tell you to write every day which is too simplistic, this article will give you a specific strategy that you can use to get your skills noticed.

1.   Learn several mini-skills first

Think of learning how to become a writer like learning how to cook. You have to start with the simple dishes before you cook a gourmet meal. You will also have to learn skills that you need to cook and how to do each process of chopping, roasting and sautéing easily. Therefore with writing, you should start with small as well. Pick up some grammar tips from writing sevice work or buy an assignment and understand how each of the sentences is phrased to capture the attention of the audience. If you keep learning something new each time, you do not need to have the talent to write pieces that inspire. Practice as much as possible and read as many texts as you can to develop the habits that may help you improve your skills. Here are some of the mini-skills you have to keep practising:

  • How to write great sentences
  • How to make your pieces more conversational
  • Ways to integrate flavoured words and find out who you can stay away from bland phrases.
  • Compose smooth transitions, so the readers glide smoothly from sentence to sentence
  • Change your ‘voice’ by changing the punctuation and increasing your dynamic rhythm
  • Outline and reverse-outline your content
  • Use mini-stories in your content
  • Create fresh metaphors
  • Search for soundbites that linger

2. Write as your life depends on it

If you want to be great at what you do, you need to practice and practice endlessly. There are no shortcuts when it comes to writing. Even the most talented writers had to learn how to do their work over a long period. If you have to consider SEO and how to get more traffic to your site, writing is a lot tougher. Therefore, it is critical that you get rid of your fear of the blank page and also find a balance between being informative and creating a fun piece with a unique twist. If a person is reading your writing, keep going and remember that practice makes perfect.

3. Stop telling yourself that you do not have the talent

If you want to inspire people and help them learn a couple of things, you have your head in the right place. Therefore get to work and talk to all those people out there who are just waiting to hear from you. It is often said that if you mind can think it, you can achieve it. Therefore get out there and do what you have to do to write a piece that inspires your audience. Even people with the talent cannot beat determined people who are always willing to learn. Therefore even if you do not feel like you have the talent, always know that you can write and drive traffic to your website.

4. Read like it’s your only job

The best and fastest way to learn the art of writing is to learn from other writers. Expand your horizons and read content that is tougher than you would typically read. Look at the author’s sentence structure, material flow, and word choice. Of course, the more you read, the more you learn and the more you develop an eye for the mistakes to avoid and how to make your pieces effective. Read work from your competitors and figure out what you can do to attract the audience and make your writing unique.

5. Get a writing partner

Whether you are writing for your blog or want to work for a company, there are chances that you have that one person in your life who is a great writer and who can help you become better. Writing is not a solitary activity. The best writers always have a group of people around them to read their work and offer them honest feedback. This feedback is a learning experience that you can use to change your writing style. The people who read your work can also tell you when your piece is not as unique as you think and they will also spot mistakes that you had overlooked. A writing partner will also keep you accountable and tell you to practice your writing daily.

6. Take a class

It does not mean joining students in a college; you only have to join workshops and webinars. You will meet a lot of talented writers from the workshops. Not only is it beneficial for your skills, but it will also be a ton of fun. You do not need an unfinished novel that you have hidden in your drawer for these workshops. Today, even content marketing meetings and development groups are more popular. There are also numerous marketing groups that you can join and exchange ideas with like-minded writers. Choose a topic, write about it and get feedback from this group of professionals.

7. Dissect the writings you love

People keep reading and re-reading books and blogs without really thinking about why the blogs are appealing, to begin with. Get the blogs you like and take a pen and highlight what you like from turn of phrases and specific sentences. Figure out why these elements are common threads that favour your reading material. See how the writers transition and get the subjects blended into their different writing styles. Apply these techniques to your work.


Writing does not have to be difficult. You can sharpen your skills and be a great writer. All you need to do is be patient and practice as much as you can, and soon you can become as successful as writers from au.edusson.com writing service.