7 Ways to Look Stunning While Camping


Just because you’ll be out in the wilderness doesn’t mean you can’t look great. Whether you’re roughing it or glamping you can still look good doing it, and these tips will help you pull it off.

#1: Choose a Camping-Friendly Wardrobe

One rule of camping is to only bring clothes that you wouldn’t mind donating after the camping trip. This means you should find items from your wardrobe that look great, but that you’re not very attached to anymore.

Camping can often get dirty (after all, you’re outdoors) and messy (S’mores seem to get everywhere), and many of your clothes won’t be the same when you get back. Choose darker colors that can hold up to the messiness and hopefully when you get home you can wash them up nice and return them to their place in the closet.

#2: Bring the Right Camper

The right camper will make all the difference in how you look, because having some of the creature comforts of home is always appreciated and will have you looking and feeling your best.

You can find some really cool campers out there, and all of the best ones will have ample space to get dressed, change your outfit, get ready, or freshen up. They’ll have a sink with water hooked up, and air conditioning so you don’t become a sweaty mess while getting ready.

#3: Accessorize

As with your normal wardrobe, accessorizing can mean the difference between looking sharp and looking plain while camping. You can still wear bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces while out in the woods. Opt for more natural materials like jade, wood, gems and other earthy materials to get that “camping chic” look.

#4: Check the Latest Fashion Trends

Keeping up with the latest fashions can be hard enough for city-dwellers and even more so  during a camping trip. Of course, not all of the hottest trends translate to camping wear, but it’s great if you can bring at least one stylish piece that will turn heads, even in remote places.

#5: Keep It Separated

Always keep clean clothes separated from dirty clothes. This can be harder than it sounds during a camping trip, especially when you’ve just got one suitcase or backpack. Dedicate a garbage bag for dirty and wet laundry, just be sure not to throw it out with the other garbage.

When you first arrive, find a spot to hang up your clean clothes, place them in a drawer of the camper, or stack them neatly in a designated “clean zone”.

#6: Choose the Right Amount of Makeup

You want to look good, but you also want to look natural since you’ll have natural surroundings all around you. Dial back your usual makeup regimen so that you get the right mix of beauty and simplicity.

There are also special techniques you can use to apply your makeup while camping, such as using the camping stove to heat up some water for the process.

#7: Dress for the Weather

If you’re camping during the summer, make sure that you have attire that will keep you cool. Nothing is less fashionable than sweat stains. In the colder months, bring items that will keep you warm so you are dressed for the elements. It’s hard to look good with chattering teeth and a runny nose.

With these tips, you’re all set for your next glamorous camping trip!