7 Things to Do To Keep the Blaze Alive In Your Relationship


One of the industrious insects in the Animalia kingdom is an ant. This insect might be small and underestimated, but it gives us an excellent example of how relationships should work. As ants never stop working, so do relationships. Technically, relationships are works in progress. If that surprises you, probably your relationship is dying or died a long time ago!

There is a common notion that before you settle down with your partner, you should take time to learn him/her better. But should you stop there? No! If you are in an intimate relationship, you have a lot of work to do, and certainly a lot of lessons to learn. This is quite true to people in long-term relationships.

Relationships are faced by a myriad of both external and internal forces, and there is so much that changes during the course. Some changes are anticipated while others hit your relationship like hurricane Katrina.

Coming up with routines help lovers get through days, weeks and years smoothly. Routines are essential in guiding us on how to organise ourselves in life, and in this case, we can live in a resourceful and predictable way. But that is more about pushing the wheel of life. What about spicing it up so that every day can be cherished?

Along with accomplishing the obligatory things in life to guarantee our survival, we shouldn’t forget to create times and moments, and nowhere this can apply better than in our intimate relationships.

Some of the things we do daily with our partners might seem small, but it is a collection of those little things that create unforgettable moments and keep our relationship afloat.

Are you thinking about it? Sit back and relax and continue reading below. Here are seven things you ought to do to keep the blaze alive in your relationship.

1.      Surprise one another

Everyone likes to be surprised, and of course, a good surprise. You never know the impact that small gift can have on your relationship until you give it to your significant other as a surprise. Think about that flower, a ticket to a nearby concert, a surprise date- all these are some surprises that your partner will appreciate so much.

There is a lot of meaning attached to these surprises. First, your partner appreciates the fact that you took the time to do this to make her/him happy. Secondly, since you will be spending time with him/her, for instance, on a date, or concert, it means your relationship bond will grow stronger.

Just make sure your surprises are something your lover loves and something you will be involved in. It should be something that detaches you and your partner from your everyday life duties and create a time for intimate connection.

2.      Grow together

There are a myriad ways you can achieve this. However, before you can grow together, at least you should have your individual growth and development. What are you bringing to your relationship? The better you are, the better your relationship will be.

Don’t be mean not to share your personal ambitions, goals and growth with your mate. The key to achieving this is having an open communication where change is accommodated, and differences are discussed cordially and agreed upon.

However, things may not turn out as you want them to. For instance, your mate may not grow at your pace. In this case, you should be patient, supportive and nurturing, and sooner than later, the process will be fruitful.

3.      Touch each other

Well, I said touch each other; not using glass dildos or some other materials out there. Remember that your aim is to create a bond between you and your mate. Obviously, this comes down to sex but doesn’t have to be sex always.

Making some other forms of touch such as kissing, holding hands, smiling and looking at each other directly into their eyes can be magical when it comes to love and relationships. That gives your partner assurance that you are there for them.

It is usual for lovers to have collisions sometimes. But never go to bed angry. Make sure you settle your indifferences first and go to bed together.

4.      Create memories together

Memories made together are unforgettable. This means sharing your everyday undertakings with your partner regardless of how mundane or small they are. This can encompass little things your partner did during the day to significant things such as discussing future projects and your life ambitions.

In a nutshell, involve your mate in whatever you do every day. Also, try things that both of you have never tried before. This can be visiting a new place or cooking unique food.

5.      Be grateful always

We, human beings, feel happy when appreciated for small or big things we do. That is the science that lovers should understand and embrace. So, let your partner know how much they have positively contributed to your life and how they make you feel.

One of the best ways to show this is by always being there for them. Your partner might have some weaknesses, but don’t settle on that and let them overshadow the positive side of her/him. The best thing you can do is to express gratitude on what’s positive and help her/him overcome the dark part.

6.      Explore new things together

There is a whole lot of things you can try together with your partner. For instance, you can go on vacation, attend lecture classes on your exciting topics, learn how to play bridge or travel to new destinations. All these things will rejuvenate your relationship.

We do appreciate the fact that one partner may have a different hobby or interest. It is okay to continue with it individually, but he/she shouldn’t be averse to trying something new that they can enjoy together as partners.

7.      Disconnect

Treat spending time with your partner as a special moment that comes once in a lifetime. To treat it as such, unplug from social media and all types of disruptions that may divert your attention. Indeed, you don’t want anything to interrupt your intimacy, do you?