7 Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo


Getting your first tattoo is a big step in your life, which is why you need to feel confident about your decision. After all, you are getting your body marked with permanent ink that is going to be with you for the rest of your life.

Tattooing is trending in the last few years, and most of the people have at least one small tattoo on their body. The times changed when tattooed people were seen differently than others. Nowadays, you see music artists, teachers, and scientists’ tattooed, so it is a common thing among people. Even most NBA expert pick players have meaningful tattoos all over their bodies.

In order to avoid regretting your decision later on, you need to do proper research and make sure you know what you want.

In this article, we will cover some of the things that you need to consider before getting a tattoo.

  1. Start small

Most people want to get big tattoos on the first day, which usually does not end well. After all, you need to give yourself a chance to learn the process and how your skin is going to take the ink. The best way is to start small and build your way up until you are satisfied. If you decide to start big, there is a much more significant risk for going with a tattoo that you are going to regret for the rest of your life, and cannot be covered with something else.

  1. Know your body pain limits

Yes, tattoos hurt, especially if it is your first time. The pain is bearable but it cannot be defined since every body part hurts differently. respect your body limits. There is nothing wrong with pushing your body, but try to take it easy for the first time. Also, you should avoid choosing sensitive parts on your bodies such as elbows, groin areas, ribs, or backs of knees.

  1. Don’t go for cheap tattoos

As we mentioned before, getting your first tattoo is a big decision for you, and you cannot spare expenses on your appearance. Your tattoo will impact your life in different ways such as body health, image, and personalization. This means that you should avoid getting a tattoo if you simply cannot afford a decent artist to do it.

Getting a tattoo is probably the biggest investment for yourself, and you should only choose the best possible service  in order to avoid health complications and regrets after the process.

  1. Choose your artist wisely

We know that sometimes in your life you might want a tattoo so much and as fast as possible. However, choosing an artist without researching their artwork could lead to unwanted ink stuck for the rest of your life. You must choose your tattoo artist wisely by researching their previous tattoos and also word of mouth. Since we live in digital times, it is pretty easy to find a great tattoo artist around you on social media.

  1. Sleep on it

Once you decided that you want to get a tattoo, and you have the design and the artist in mind, it is best if you sleep on it. There is no need for a rush. Since the tattoo can impact your life in many different ways, you need to be absolutely sure about what you want to get.

It is best if you get a tattoo when you are matured since childish behavior can lead to unwanted decisions that you will regret for the rest of your life. Also remember that if you are a blood donor, you can’t donate blood at least 6 months after getting a tattoo.

  1. Take someone with you

Obviously, getting your first tattoo is a nervous process. It is best if you keep calm and go with someone that you can talk to and trust to give you an honest opinion. Especially if you are getting a big tattoo where the process takes a couple of hours to a few sessions, you will definitely need some support.

  1. Don’t tattoo names

You might be tempted to tattoo the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend or of your wife or husband somewhere. Even if your relationship lasts forever, it is better not to risk having the name of someone in your body, since it later can bite you back. Maybe the risk is lesser if the name is from one of your children or from your parents, but it is still more recommended to do an icon instead.

Think about something that represents your connection to that person, instead of the name itself. It will be more personal and the other side will still acknowledge the gesture.

These are some of the things to consider before getting a tattoo. It is a big decision in our lives so we must put enough effort just to avoid regrets later on.