7 Struggles All Creative Writing Majors Face Every Day


Desiring to become a successful creative writer and actually growing into one are two different things. Being an exemplary successful creative writer requires you to have a lot of faith that you can get through it. This is mainly because you have a lot of competition from a lot of people out there whose very one focus is to excel in this field.

While it can be freeing in the long run, you will experience a rocky path. It will not always be easy. In this post, we shall discuss some of the greatest struggles writing majors get to experience include so read on to find out.

Having To Deal With Classmates Who Do Not Take The Course Seriously

It can get really frustrating being in a class with someone who is simply passing their time. This means that you will have to put in all the effort while the uninterested classmate gets to do the bare minimum only. While this is a choice you have made, to major in this particular course, it will often make you feel like you made the wrong choice. It begins to feel degrading being a part of this class, considering that you want to make this writing course a career.

The one solution to this issue, no matter how difficult, would be to focus on the fact that it is something you chose to do, and that working towards actualizing your goal of being an expert in writing is your number one priority. While there may be a few who would choose to make you lag behind, the secret is to focus and aim at the goal.

Hiding The Fact That You Are Going Through Anxiety When You Have To Read Your Work Aloud

There are writers who are extremely good at what they do. This includes their flow of language in all their articles, good command of grammar and great vocabulary. Their work is something you look up to reading and hope you can get to their level. However, when these same writers are asked to stand in front of a crowd or in a class and read their work out loud, they react like they have been deflated.

All their confidence seems to be thrown out the window. It is then that you realize regardless of how good a person may be with the work they do, it is absolutely different when they have to present it themselves. They are the writers who succeed in silence because confidence is not something they have.

Having To Deal With What Society Says About Writers

It is difficult having to deal with all the sentiments from the outside world and the perception they have about writers. Most people think that it is possible at all to make a living from what would be termed as a hobby. Worse yet, more are stuck with the idea that when one chooses to do writing, they often have run out of other options that they could rely on; options that would contribute to their career growth.

The perception of the society is that making a living from writing is for people who are either broken or those that are going through an extremely dark phases in their lives. While you are a person who has chosen to excel in this career as a writer, the sentiments from the public or society could cast aspersions on your decision and make it appear as though it is of no importance.

Going Through A Writer’s Block

It is a moment of extreme darkness when you are provided with a topic and have to be extra creative to make it interesting. There comes a time when you run out of all ideas you had and go through what we call a writer’s block. This is very frustrating especially when you have been assigned a task that is needed within a certain period of time. If that’s the case, you may use some assistance from assignment writing service.

The writer’s block does not only happen when you run out of ideas. It can also be caused by running out of material that you need to read in order to come up with content for an assigned task. This kind of block has no solution to it because you are not always expected to have content. This, therefore, becomes one of the very many but major challenges writing majors get to face. 

The Feeling Of Trying Not To Feel Defeated

Writers major tend to live a very competitive life. What this means is that if you are a bunch of writers who are in the same class having to do a certain assignment, you will want to remain ahead. For example, if you are looking forward to getting assigned a particular article and having the same article assigned to someone else, you tend to keep a grudge.

Also, if you realize that someone else used your content for an article that had been highly recommended, you try as much not to feel defeated even when you have not been recognized for your good work.

Having To Rent Text Books All The Time

Once you have been assigned a writing task, you know for sure you will need text books to aid in your research and give you the information that you are looking for. If one text book does not have all the information you are looking for, it could result in you having to rent a number of text books.

This becomes a challenge and especially so if you are not a reading person. Having to go through all these books to ensure that all your content is in check is a very big challenge for the writer. A writing major prefers to use their creativity or a little bit of their research to complete an article or an assignment given to them.

Trying To Explain To Your Close Friends That You Would Rather Stay Home Than Go Out

It is a little difficult convincing everyone that you cannot go out because you have deadlines to meet and all, all in the name of writing. Other times, you would rather stay in the house and just connect with self.

Not that you have assignments or writing tasks to accomplish, it is the fact that you just want to remain indoors because you feel as though going outside makes you meet with people who are not so authentic.

And, the challenge comes in when the only excuse or reason you have to give for not wanting to go out is that you want to remain indoors.


While creative writing may feel like it has a tonne of challenges that you have to endure day in day out, remember that you landed on it because of passion and can succeed at it by all means.