7 Online Platforms to Prepare for College in Your Gap Year


To take a gap year is a nice opportunity to explore the world, obtain necessary soft skills, enjoy your time before getting back to education and work. However, a gap year is not only for having fun and discovering. In fact, it is a perfect opportunity to learn more about yourself, your interests and talents, as well as find out what major you are really interested in.

To prepare for college and learn more about your future profession, you can take some courses online. There are lots of platforms that can help you navigate through electives so that you only study things that you really like.

Some of those platforms mimic the learning process at college to the smallest detail. For example, you might be even required to work on the writing assignments. If you find it hard at first, you can search for essay writing companies. They can write a paper for you so that you see how it should be done.Here are some platforms that you can use to prepare for college:


The Domain platform is developed by the education experts for future leaders. This platform aims to make higher education easier and more accessible to young people. It also looks for ways to teach youth to make better decisions about their future career and profession.

The platform allows students to explore their desired field of study as well as test their initial skills. The Domain team wants to raise awareness about the academic environment and make students more competent and freshman-year-ready.

American University Gap Year Program

This platform provides students with an opportunity to engage in experiential learning, as well as take interesting internships and mentorship programs. Moreover, this program has an online platform that is a simulation of AU academic experience. For it, the American University faculty members have prepared lots of audio and visual materials.

During the pandemic year, the program has shifted online completely. Lectures given by guest speakers and professors are live-streamed or recorded. Even the internship and online seminar courses are now available online.


Harvard Online Learning platform has been launched in parallel with edX. It allows future and existing students to learn online from the world’s best materials and experts. It is designed to both empower faculty and provide students with an extra source of knowledge.

For students taking a gap year, HarvardX is a perfect opportunity to learn the basics of their major before actually getting to college. The fundamentals provided on this platform are valued throughout the world since they integrate Harvard’s unique teaching approaches and exceptional knowledge with modern digital tools.


With the Coursera platform, you can build a uniquely strong knowledge base for your future in college. It has thousands of various courses available online aimed at teaching you both professional and personal skills.

The world’s best universities collaborate with the platform, supplying it with college-ready materials. By taking a course on Coursera, you can expect nothing less than the most relevant knowledge and skills backed with a certificate.


Udemy is another platform for online learning that can help future students learn more about their dream profession. Udemy is great for both Mathematicians and Art lovers. You can find a course on literally any topic that might interest you.

Lots of Udemy courses are provided in online and video format. You can study from the comfort of your home while getting the same learning experience as you’d get in the class. In 2020, having both audio and video courses at home is exceptionally appreciated.

Future Learn

Future Learn is a learning platform that works 100% online. It helps students develop their careers, learn new skills, as well as prepare for a college education. Future Learn focuses on providing students with both professional and soft skills needed to succeed in education and work.

The greatest advantage of this platform is its collaboration with world-class universities and industry experts. Moreover, it also offers an absolutely flexible curriculum for you.


edX offers over 2500 online courses for both future and existing students. This is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for college and make sure you go there with a solid background. The platform offers free courses combined with those requiring payment.

Whatever subject you are interested in can be easily found on edX. Most of the materials for online learning are provided by the world’s leading universities and organizations. A certification from edX will only strengthen your image as a freshman.

Final Words

College preparation is very important if you plan to succeed in your studies. You should understand what you are going to learn and what for. This basic knowledge can be provided by exceptional online platforms available for everyone online. In a few clicks, you get access to a world-class knowledge base created to make your image and skills stronger.