7 Beauty Trends Of 2021


From thick, pouty lips to rainbow-colored hair, beauty trends are constantly changing. What was the norm last year might not be an accepted beauty practice today.

With life getting tougher for people to settle in, one might go to extreme lengths to just be accepted by society. Be it the pressure of forgoing make up for the sake of ‘no-make up,’ going vegan to prove a point, or even boycotting animal skins for beauty, people are constantly setting new beauty trends and it’s hard to keep up.

The following fast-growing trends are making rounds nowadays:

1.  Glitter

Glitter lipsticks, glosses, eye shades, and liners – seems like all these items make everything glitter. Glitter has made a huge comeback with a bang. There are several glittery products available on the market from different brands to satiate the quenching thirst of glitter users. There is also glitter available for your hair and your body.

2.  Powdered Nail Polish

Plain old liquid nail enamel isn’t exciting enough anymore. Various salons and spas are offering manicures finished with dusting off a powdered nail color. The nail colors are brilliant and range from metallic to mattes and even glossy.

3.  Beach Waves

Beach waves and curls are back and are all the rage now. You can either pay hundreds of dollars to get your beach-styled waves and sun-kissed tone from hairstylists or do them yourself with the help of various do it yourself tutorials available online. You can also find over-the-counter products to maintain those loose curls and waves and keep that form throughout the day.

4.  Cosmetic Surgery

Of course, you don’t have to live with that bump on your nose. That’s because of the numerous options you can consider. One such option is cosmetic surgery. Since cosmetic surgery is a more permanent type of alteration, you need to be careful in terms of knowing any risks that are associated with it. Check out LVCosmeticSurgery.com to know more.

5. Charcoal 

Charcoal is indeed the new magic ingredient. Charcoal peel off face masks are the talk of the town. They are supposed to be left on for at least 30 minutes in a thick layer over the face and then carefully peeled off.

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6. Silicone Foundation Pads

Beauty blenders are now a thing of the past since they waste more product by absorption than they can apply. Silicone sponges are actually silicone pads in a plastic covering. This stops them from absorbing any foundation. The smooth surface helps in spreading it faster and more easily as compared to sponges and brushes.

7.  Contouring Or Non-Touring

Contouring includes using two or more shades that are lighter and darker than your skin tone to highlight, give an edge, and soften different parts of your face to give it a more chiseled and slim look. Non-touring only involves highlighting the parts of your face you wish would stand out.