7 Beauty Tips to Recover from Winter Weather


As soon as seasons and weather changes, we all need to make changes in our everyday life habits. Start with the warmer clothing and the water-resistant shoes, to what makeup to use and how to keep our skin healthy – there are so many things that need to be done before the long-awaited winter arrives.

Nourishing the body and skin is important in every season, especially the warm summers and cold winters. In winter, maintaining the healthy glow is very hard and we need to work hard to keep our wellness needs fulfilled. Here are seven excellent ways to do this.

1.      Use Sunblock

The idea that you only need to use sunblock in the summer is a common misconception. Colder weather does not mean that you should stop protecting your skin from the rays of the sun. The sun is equally as damaging and powerful in winter days, often even more.

Therefore, you should always remember to apply sunblock. If you are using makeup and cosmetics when going out, search for those with added SPF for the winter period, too.

2.      Keep Yourself Hydrated

Cold weather does not make you sweat so much as hot weather, but it certainly doesn’t eliminate the need for hydration. You still need to drink plenty of water because your body remains exposed to heat – even if it is somewhat ‘artificial’ (heaters and winter gear).

3.      Look for Sunlight

When the weather is cold, people tend to become more depressed. If you are feeling the winter mood, look for sunlight and soak up a bit of it every time you get a chance. Sunlight is out there – all you have to do is open those curtains or go out on the sun for a couple of hours.

4.      Moisturize

Those heating devices will save you from the cold winter, but they will do much harm to your skin. Heated air is bad for the skin if you do not moisturize and keep yourself hydrated. Moisturize often to avoid flakes, cracks and inflamed skin.

5.      Dress in Layers

Cold weather makes you want to dress very warmly, but you shouldn’t do this all the time! Overdressing will increase the heat of your body and make you sweat, which in return can leave you dehydrated and make you feel chilled.

Dress in layers so that you can remove or add a piece of clothing whenever the weather changes or you find yourself in a place with a fluctuating temperature.

6.      Don’t Forget about Your Hair

Your hair is very important and can be severely damaged by the cold weather. It also needs to be kept hydrated, so use the necessary precautions to avoid damaged or split ends. If your hair starts falling off in weather changes, you might want to consider using a  good hair loss shampoo to prevent this.

7.      Wash Your Hands

People tend to stay together and indoors in cold weather, which makes them more keen to transferring infections and diseases. In addition, you get the flu season adjoined to the colder months, so you must wash your hands frequently to avoid germs.

These tips should help you keep your beauty intact in the cold winter.