64 Funny Tattoos You’re Glad You Don’t Have


We all make bad decisions. Some just make worse decisions than others, like getting horrible tattoos tatted on them that will last until their dying day. Some could be covered-up… the majority can’t be. The wearer is stuck with them for good.

So, beware! The tattoos you’re about to witness are either hilarious, clever, or just plain silly as in “why did they do that to themselves” silly or “were they high on something” silly. Below are crazy tattoos people have actually gotten and you’ll be thanking yourself that you decided not to get that one tattoo when you were 16…

Here are 64 of some of the most ridiculous, craziest, funny tattoos you’ve ever seen.

1. Shark Attack Disaster
funny tattoos zarias (2)What an artful armpit, my dear! Is that a crying baby in the shark’s mouth? We can only assume there must be an underlying theme to this…

2. 50’s Parlor Floor Face
funny tattoos zarias (3)Yes, there is a racing flag behind him. But doesn’t it remind you more of an old 50’s Diner? Why did this guy cover up his whole face? Did he think it would look cool? It makes him look so… inhuman. But maybe he was going for that.

3. Death Punishment
funny tattoos zarias (4)We suppose if you’ve got a thing for the old-school death punishments, these might be perfect for you. Interesting message you’re sending to your audience, though.

4. Ice Cream is Cool
funny tattoos zarias (5)So much cooler than you. I love ice cream, but I don’t think I love it enough to tattoo it to my face and have red lightning bolts shooting from it. I wonder if this guy was on anything when he decided to get it done.

5. Creepy Spider Man
funny tattoos zarias (6)These spiders look like ants… And why are they surrounding the eye? Where are they coming from? This guy looks like he stepped out of the movie Arachnophobia. The double piercings aren’t helping.

6. Clever Veteran
funny tattoos zarias (7)If you can’t get that leg back, it’s best to cope with the lose as best as you can. What a great tattoo – but not one many of us hope to get.

7. Children’s Story Addiction
funny tattoos zarias (8)Some bedtime stories stay with us for a lifetime. But must we decide to keep them on our skin forever?

8. Sad Lion
funny tattoos zarias (9)This piece of “art” is in dire need of a cover up. This lion looks like he’s wailing in pain, not growling ferociously.

9. Curing that Rash
funny tattoos zarias (10)Bepanthen is a medication used to treat baby rashes. Why stranger, did you get it tattooed on your body? Oh – is that a scar? I don’t think the tat will save you now.

10. Monopoly Madness
funny tattoos zarias (11)We aren’t sure of any instance where Monopoly has been played without someone either losing with a tantrum or getting so bored they decide to quit. He must be master of the game.

11. Stitch Lookin’ Awesome
funny tattoos zarias (12)This guy must really love Lilo and Stitch to get this cute little creature tatted on himself forever! It’s cute though, isn’t it? It takes some real courage for a guy to get a little kid’s movie character tatted on his body.

12. Is that Where Waldo’s Hiding?
funny tattoos zarias (13)We never would have looked there. In fact, we didn’t know Waldo liked to hide in your shirt at all.

13. Communicating Legs
funny tattoos zarias (14)It’s fun to have matching tats on your legs talking to one another. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make too much sense to on-lookers. Hey you! Who me? I wonder what the next like would be?!

14. Step Into Your Grave
funny tattoos zarias (15)Actually, this looks more like he’s stepping into the future – half Terminator half human! Kudos for great humor, dude! He’s clever and awesome and futuristic!

15. Split Food Cover Up
funny tattoos zarias (16)Awesome way to have some laughs over a simple yet strange foot oddity. Hey – it’s a cute tat, but not exactly one many of us want!

16. Didn’t Plan Ahead Well…
funny tattoos zarias (17)This is intentional, it has to be. Nice play on something you don’t do very well – a great reminder! Did you plan to have a great job in the future? Uh-oh…

17. Label Your Attributes
funny tattoos zarias (18)Wow. How long did it take for this person to come up with this tattoo? Wonder if they have an “Upper Back Tattoo” or possibly an “abdominal tattoo”? Does this tat even have real meaning to it?

18. Hungry Little Piggy
funny tattoos zarias (19)What a great sense of humor. This person isn’t going to take his toe-loss too seriously. That piggy’s going to be gone for a while. Wonder what the other little piggies are up to?

19. How’s that Taste?
funny tattoos zarias (20)This guy really loves giraffes, and from the looks of it, he must want them to really love him too. Really? Licking the nipple?

20. Moon Nipple
funny tattoos zarias (21)Well, space travel has never seemed so erotic.

21. Cover Up the Broken Heart
funny tattoos zarias (22)How romantic. A tattoo of a woman’s name covered up with the word “VOID”. I’m sure his next girlfriend will love it. Do you think he’ll get his next girl’s name tatted on him?

22. Potato Nipple
funny tattoos zarias (23)That just looks like it would have hurt. Ouch.

23. What was That?
funny tattoos zarias (24)Oh, you have that huge simplistic tribal tat because you were 17 when you got it and didn’t really know what you were dedicating yourself to. Good thing you’ve realized this.

24. Too Much Futurama
funny tattoos zarias (25)Interesting way to make your toes look even weirder: Make them look like a sea creature’s mouth.

25. Right Where it Counts
funny tattoos zarias (26)Yes, you are, so long as your collar is always pulled up in a Fonzie manner. You’re cutting it really close…

26. Testing 1, 2, 3…
funny tattoos zarias (27)The tattoo artist couldn’t come up with something a bit more clever or original than this? Who wants this tattoo?!

27. Coffee Stained Poetry
funny tattoos zarias (28)What a clever way to cover up a piece of poetry that was originally created with spelling errors. Was the coffee stain really necessary though?

28. You Were Born When?
funny tattoos zarias (29)Those are some big numbers, dude! I think I can seem them perfectly from five miles away. We get it. You were “established” aka your mother popped you out of her in 1995.

29. Unhealthy yet Satisfying
funny tattoos zarias (30)There are so many reasons why this tattoo is wrong. I’m sure you can think of a few.

30. Playful Anime Puppy Sleeve
funny tattoos zarias (31)This woman’s arm is a piece of anime art. Let’s hope she never gets sick of the puppies or presents.

31. Mustard Goatee
funny tattoos zarias (32)Some people just really love a good hot dog in a bun.

32. Grandma!?
funny tattoos zarias (33)Someone really had a hard time trying to make this woman look good in a bikini. Didn’t they sketch it first? Yikes.

33. Where’s the 7th Dwarf?
funny tattoos zarias (34)We think we have an idea as to where the seventh dwarf is… but is it  Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, or Dopey?

34. Very… Very Proud…
funny tattoos zarias (35)Well, nothing says dedication to your sexual preferences like a billion tats of people doing it sketched forever on your body.

35. Interesting Tradition
funny tattoos zarias (36)Would you partake in a family tradition such as this? I’m sure his partner loves kissing… that.

36. Guns don’t Kill. Pacman Kills.
funny tattoos zarias (37)Way to go Pacman, you’ve figured out the easiest way to get rid of your rivals!

37. Zombie Comrades
funny tattoos zarias (38)Aww, so cute and depressing! These little guys look so perfect together, don’t you think?

38. What’s Pumping Out Your Ovaries?
funny tattoos zarias (39)We’re not entirely sure what “swag” means in this context and why it is pumping out of her ovaries.

39. No Need for a Corset
funny tattoos zarias (40)This corset doesn’t seem to be pulled tight enough.

40. Where the Sidewalk Ends
funny tattoos zarias (41)This person is really dedicated to Shel Silverstein. Nice.

41. The Perfect To Do List
funny tattoos zarias (42)Actually, this is slightly clever if you never remember your to-do list. The actions are written with pen ink but the actual check boxes, lines, and “To Do:” are etched in real tat ink.

42. Kurk Cobain, Right?
funny tattoos zarias (44)The famous guitarist looks more like a distorted Jesus in this tattoo. Make sure your tat artist is up to par with exactly what you’re asking for…

43. Classic of Literature
funny tattoos zarias (45)Way to go Dave, you’ve written a classic of literature with your fabulous poem that truly states it all.

44. Not Even You
funny tattoos zarias (46)That’s so very true. Nobody is perfect. And neither is your tattoo. Don’t you mean “Nobody’s Perfect” or was that error intentional?

45. Horny Animals
funny tattoos zarias (47)This guy has taken some of my favorite childhood fantasy animals and twisted them in a distorted sexual way. I’ll never regard a the horn of a unicorn the same way again.

46. “Born To Lose”
funny tattoos zarias (49)Yes, perhaps you lost a spelling bee as a child and were forever scarred.

47. Anyone Want a Cheeseburger?
funny tattoos zarias (50)So is he trying to make his back fat look like rolls of cheese and stuff? Please, put a shirt on, dude.

48. Does it Tickle There?
funny tattoos zarias (51)I’m sure he has plenty of people wanting to tickle his armpit.

49. Cover Up Pikachu with… Pikachu!
funny tattoos zarias (52)This is actually an awesome way to “cover up” a bad tat. An old badly done Pikachu being placed in a canvas and being drawn by a great looking Pikachu. Sweet! Heineken!

50. Nice Butthole
funny tattoos zarias (53)So, the butthole where the nipple is… an accident… oh my.

51. Just… Why??
funny tattoos zarias (54)Four penises in the shape of a Nazi symbol. Wow. I wouldn’t want to be friends with this guy. Why do they look like that and why… No, wait. There are just to many “why”s to be asked.

52. Patrick Freaking Out
funny tattoos zarias (55)He looks so out of place… But this character from SpongeBob should be right at home in the middle of the ocean. Most of it is just water and sky. Not sure why this person decided to do it this way…

53. Not Sure what Ridioulous Means?
funny tattoos zarias (56)It’s better to be grammatically inaccurate than to be absolutely boring. Let’s hope the tattoo artist wasn’t drunk when he did this one. Don’t they have a dictionary?

54. Dinosaur or Monster Goblin?
funny tattoos zarias (57)We’re not sure exactly what this is. We’re guessing a T-Rex since there’s a volcano in the background and he was considered the king of the dinosaurs.

55. Baby: “Is that Normal?”
funny tattoos zarias (58)Seriously, is that a huge monocle or is it trying to resemble a spot like on a puppy? Even the baby is confused. It’s going to grow up thinking that’s normal.

56. Elephant Man
funny tattoos zarias (59)Ever seen the movie? Not sure what kind of person would get the guy’s face tatted on their body…

57. Fat Harry Potter Bolt?
funny tattoos zarias (60)I know of hard-core Harry Potter fans but I’ve never seen one as dedicated as this one! I mean, look at the size of that bolt! Harry’s lightning bolt scar was small enough to be hidden by his hair. Re-read the books, dude!

58. Plan Ahead…
funny tattoos zarias (61)Amazingly, the word “fearless” has eight letters, the same amount of fingers one has if not counting the thumb. Apparently, this girl only wanted one S at the end and replaced the other with a heart. Does that make sense?

59. Never Would Have Guessed They’re Fake
funny tattoos zarias (62)Don’t be blonde and get black lines tattooed on your face as eyebrows. It just doesn’t look natural. I mean, if you’re trying to scar people or maybe you put make-up over the lines… Or… well, we just don’t know…

60. The Next Batman Villian
funny tattoos zarias (63)This guy looks like he’s trying too hard for an audition to be the next villain in the next Batman or Spiderman movie. What was he thinking? How would you rate him?!

61. Clever Mustache
funny tattoos zarias (64)This would be pretty cool if it didn’t look slightly gross. Seems a little too low, don’t you think? And what is that on his nail… Most people get the name of a loved on the inside of their lip. This guy just wanted a permanent mustache.

62. Have You Seen This Woman Conquering?
tattoo failsI sure hope she doesn’t conquer the world, because “your” should be “you’re”. We don’t want someone in charge that can’t get their tattoo right. What other mistakes would miss conquerer make?!

63. Tat of YouTube Sensation
bad tattoosAin’t nobody got time for tattoos of funny one-liners from YouTube… We’re wondering if this person knows the lady or just decided to get a YouTube lady tatted on his body….

64. How Many Lies Would It Take…
funny tattoos zarias (1)
…For Pinocchio’s nose to hold those shorts up? But really, this guy’s partner has to deal with…. that…