6 Ways to Improve Your Morning Cup of Coffee


Coffee is, unquestionably, one of the most popular drinks in the world. According to statistics, it is the second most consumed beverage globally, just after tea. There are many variations on the traditional cup of coffee, and many ways you can spice up yours. Most of us drink coffee first thing in the morning to get the kick necessary to keep us going throughout the rest of the day. This page will offer you six ways that you can improve your morning cup of coffee so that every morning is special.

You must be sure to drink coffee in moderation. When consumed moderately, coffee is a powerful antioxidant and very beneficial to your health, when consumed excessively, however, it can be detrimental to your health and can cause problems such as heart palpitations, anxiety, and paranoia. These negative side-effects are owing to the caffeine contained within. Drink coffee moderately.

Here are six ways to improve your morning cup of coffee.

Import Your Own Beans

If in the past you have struggled to find a comprehensive guide on how to improve your morning cup o’ Joe, look no further than here. This page will provide you with the useful information necessary to make every morning’s coffee absolutely delicious. Importing your own green beans is a fantastic way to improve the overall quality of your coffee and to seriously up your coffee game. So many people neglect the importance of importing their own beans, and therefore can never truly experience how wonderful a fresh cup of coffee is.

You can pick up wholesale beans at many foreign food wholesalers, or online. Ordering them online gives you a huge variety and means you can order the best-reviewed coffee beans from all around the globe. Stop buying tins of ground coffee and do it yourself.

Roast Your Own Beans

Roasting your own beans is a great way to improve your morning coffee and can make your coffee taste so much more delicious. Your coffee will taste much better because you will have the knowledge that you roasted them by hand, but adding to that, that your beans will be fresher. Store them properly following the roast, otherwise, they will go stale, and that unique, earthy taste, will soon be replaced by a lack of flavor. You can pick up a coffee roaster from most supermarkets or outlet stores.

Bean Storage

As was mentioned previously, if you do not store your beans properly, they will grow stale and tasteless. You should store your beans in airtight containers that allow for no airflow. If air is allowed to get to your beans, they will grow stale and hard. The flavor of your beans relies heavily on the storage method employed, as if you store your beans properly, they will retain their flavor for many, many months. You have gone to the lengths of importing and roasting your own beans, so make sure you store them properly to ensure your efforts have not been in vain.

Grind Before Use

If you grind your beans en masse and store them the flavor will not be as fresh and distinct as if you were to grind them immediately before use. All of the real coffee aficionados recommend grinding up your beans just before you intend on using them, this way you are able to get maximum flavor. Only grind up what you need, as it is not good to be wasteful. If you absolutely must grind them a few days or weeks in preparation, which is not recommended, then store them in airtight containers, in a dark cupboard.

Distilled Water

Much of the water that comes out of our taps’ stinks and tastes of chlorine. If your tap water bears a distinct chlorine smell, then distill it. Distilled water is a great way to improve the flavor of your coffee and a way to enjoy your coffee without tasting nasty chemicals. You can also use spring water for a unique flavor. The quality of the water you use in your coffee is crucial. If you use poor quality water, then your coffee will be a reflection of that. Only use the best water you can source.

Coffee Shops

Another great way to improve your morning coffee is to spice it up with coffee shop drinks. Turn your kitchen into a café and brew yourself a latte, an espresso, or a mocha latte, or anything else you think of. Who said you couldn’t bring the coffee shop home with you?

Now you know six fantastic ways to improve the flavor and quality of your morning cup of coffee. Most of us cannot go without our morning coffee, and this guide will offer six ways to spice it up a little!