6 Ways Knowing About Tarot Cards Will Get You in Trouble


The fact that you’re reading this, is reason enough to believe that you’ve at some point at least heard of tarots or tarot cards. You know, that deck of 78 cards with pictures or symbols that have or represent different meanings, some bad, some good…etc.? Ring a bell? Well, tarot cards have been around since the 15th century and are used for various purposes, especially by psychics, fortune tellers and even ordinary individuals like you and me to play for fun. Some even view them as a form of divination.

But then again, there’s a lot surrounding these cards that many people neither know nor understand. Nonetheless, the big question is should you learn about tarot cards? Well, there might not be a definite answer to this question because we are all different and unique in our own ways. We all also look at life differently and have our own ways of dealing with our problems, different situations, and different circumstances. There are many people who have gone to psychics or tarot readers and came back with plenty of good things to say about tarot reading. Some even go online for free tarot readings, with which this site can help you. Some report inspiration, some talk about spiritual divination, whereas others believe that it makes them psychologically calm and opens up their minds to see the bigger picture of life.


But let’s face it, anything with advantages comes with a particular set of disadvantages, and knowing about them will always put you on the right side of things or make it easier for you to avoid them. So in this case, what are some of the most probable negative aspects of learning or knowing about tarot cards?


Here are 6 ways knowing about tarot cards might probably get you in trouble.

1. Tarot Misreading

The complete tarot card deck comprises of 78 cards in total, 22 of which are referred to as the trumps or Major Arcana, whereas 56 are known as the Minor Arcana. Out of the 56, 16 are court or personality cards, comprising of kings, queens, princes, and pages. The remaining 40 are the 4 elements, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water with 10 cards each. The Major Arcana, on the other hand, comprises of a mix of characters without suits. Basically, each card will have its own specific meaning in a tarot reading game and whether the tarot reader is trying to read your mind, give you some insights or foretell your future, it all depends on their experience and intuition. The bad news is that there’s always a possibility of tarot misreading, especially if you’re dealing with a rookie tarot reader.

2. Faith Matters

Some faiths such as Christianity are completely against fortune-telling and related practices such as tarot reading. When you learn about tarot reader, you may be tempted to dig deeper and probably even try seeking a tarot reader’s intervention for solutions to your problems in life or assistance when facing big decision-making challenges. The simple curiosity could end up getting you in trouble with your faith or religion, especially if you belong to a denomination of firm believers.

3. Bad Readings

As earlier iterated, different cards have different meanings in a tarot card deck, especially based on their symbols and the information you give to your tarot reader. In the major, arcana stack, for instance, cards such as the card of death, judgment, ten of swords, 3 of swords, five of pentacles, and the devil are in themselves scary cards people don’t want to see in a tarot reading. When playing tarot, you can expect any outcome and this means bad readings are always a possibility. But on the flip side of the coin, not all people take bad news well, especially if it involves crucial aspects of their lives or future. A tarot reading that ends up with a death card or devil card could mean that a bad thing is about to happen in your life. It could be the loss of a job, losing a partner in a relationship, or losing a case in court, just to mention a few examples. Some people can be badly affected by such a foretelling, such that it ends up messing up their motivation, peace of mind, and even health.

4. You Could Be Defrauded

This world is full of cons and scam artists and they take every opportunity they can get to get into your pocket. There are true tarot readers who are honest, trusted people of integrity… and then there are cons who claim to be experienced psychic there to help you heal from inside out or gain insights and spiritual divinity through tarot-reading. Well, the bad news is that you can’t always tell one from the other, especially since most scam artists are really smart people. However, knowing the warning signs of con tarot readers can be helpful.

5. Temptation to Cheat

This one is more or less, the exact opposite of the above point. Knowing about tarot cards can easily get you into gaining deep interest in the practice. If you’re born in a family where one of the parents is a psychic, for instance, it is easy for you to end up becoming one, especially if your parent is successful at it. As your interest slowly grows and you gain some experience in it, this could change along the way. Let’s be honest, no one is immune to temptation, but it is how you react to it that matters most. You can also be falling into such temptations could get you into trouble with law enforcement or in the worst case scenario, into the wrath of an angry mob. It is important that if you find yourself having a passion for this line of work, you remember that integrity and discipline will be key in your success.

6. Perception Conflicts

Some people tend to believe so much in what a tarot reader tells them at the end of the interpretation. However, this may not be a good thing for some people. The person could end up being overconfidence in their future or probably so devastated in case the outcome was a bad reading. On both accounts, it could be a recipe for trouble.


To many people, tarot reading is a good thing, especially when used for the right, positive reasons such as personal development, spiritual divinity, and inspiration of thought. For those who intend to become psychics, it is important to note that it will take time, experience, discipline, and integrity for you to be a successful tarot reader. All in all, knowing the above 6 things can help you stay out of trouble when you learn about tarot cards.