6 Reasons to Add Skateboarding in Your Workout Routine


Photo by Free-Photos, CC0 1.0

That skateboarding has been considered to be included in the 2020 Olympics is a fact that speaks loud and clear about the popularity of it as asport or even as a recreational activity. From its inception in the early part of the twentieth century to the present day, skateboarding has had a steady rise in its popularity among the young and the old alike.

It is truly a fun activity that allures the skater again and again to itself, and it is this very nature of the activity that also makes it a great accessory for work out sessions. It is one of those activities that is fun-to-do and offers exercise to the mind and the body as well.

  1. Muscle and Bone Strengthening

This is a game that is all about balance and hence will involve all the muscles in your body. Although it is the muscles in the lower part of your body that are actively in involved, the act of balancing that the sport calls for also make the other muscles involuntarily get involved. Be it simply coasting along or performing the trickier ollie the muscle movement that happens is amazing -one of the main reasons why skateboarding is one considered a great workout option.

  1. Focus

Skateboarding is a physical activity no doubt, but it is also one of those sports like playing paintball that requires the player to be alert at all times. This is an endeavor that calls for the player to be there ‘in the moment’ right from the time he or she mounts on the skate board till he or she gets off it. In this sense, it would not be wrong to say that is an activity that helps improve on to an individual’s ability to focus.

  1. Confidence

If you are looking for ways to get over fear and become more confident, this could be great option. Skateboarding is definitely not for the faint hearted, and definitely not a game that you should shy away from if you are one. It is a must try game for those looking forward to trying something new. However as always, in any endeavor, caution and precaution need to be used.

Laying hands on good quality skating boards or best hoverboardsis a great way to start. Using the right kind of safety gears such as helmet, skating shoes, padding for the arms and elbows can make the game safer. As a novice you cannot avoid falling but you can safeguard yourself from it becoming dangerous.

  1. Self-Discipline

Like every other sport, practice makes skateboarding perfect. It requires that you set apart sometime to learn the nuances of the activity. It could be great way to tool that will teach you how to be accountable to your own self. Moreover, skateboarding can be performed alone and does not require a team – although there is nothing more fun that skateboarding with friends.

  1. Stress Buster/ Unwind

It is one of the coolest ways to de-stress yourself. Just coasting along or doing one of those ‘in the air’ tricks could be great fun while also enabling you to burn some extra calories. It is such an amazing game that you learn something new from the sport. Once you have gained complete control on your board and have ample hands on experience on your skate, you can keep yourself entertained by try out new maneuvers.

  1. Coordination

Skateboarding requires coordination between different parts of your body and your mind as well. This is a great way to improve your reflexes. There are number of schools and other organizations that encourage the use skating boards to improve on one’s physical and mental tenacity.

The sport of skateboarding has been quite lucky unlike many of its counterparts. Thanks to its patrons, the sport has received a lot of encouragement in the form of skate parks that have mushroomed in various parts of the globe. These skateparks are a great boon for those looking forward to honing their skating skills.

Be it in the park or in the neighborhood responsible skateboarding is definitely a coo way to burn calories while having fun, at the same time.