6 Master Bedroom Décor Changes You Can Make This Weekend


You spend a third of your life sleeping. This means that when you take the time you lie in bed reading or relaxing into account, your bedroom is one of the places where you spend most of your time. It makes sense, then, that your bedroom should be your ultimate happy place. In order to recuperate effectively and start your day with a great mood, you may need to give your bedroom a facelift. Here are 6 master bedroom décor changes you can make over a weekend.

Get a rug

Decorating with shag rugs can bring dramatic change to any space. A soft rug under your feet creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. It also protects your floor and provides your bedroom with your personal sense of style. Make sure that your rug is the correct size for your bedroom. Decide beforehand where you want to place the rug and measure the area. If you have a home office in your bedroom, find a rug for that area as well. Choosing the pattern and color is a personal choice. In general, you can choose a prominent pattern is all other features of your bedroom have solid or subdued colors.

Get a headboard

Nothing transforms a bed quite like a headboard. There are many affordable headboards available and they are easy to attach. Base your choice of the headboard on the style of your bedroom and your rug. Upholstered headboards tend to be more comfortable if you like to sit up in bed. Taller headboards tend to make a bigger statement and may be a viable option if other features of your room are less dramatic.

Get rid of clutter

Clutter can cause stress. Remove everything that you don’t use in the bedroom like documentation, kids’ toys, or empty boxes. Make a habit of regularly clearing your bedroom of clutter. Sometimes electric cables and phone, tablet, and kindle chargers can become tangled and disorganized. Use a wire management tool to organize and sort your electric cables along the corner of the floor and wall where they are safe and out of sight.

Create a reading corner

A reading corner can make your bedroom look welcoming and cozy. All you need is a comfortable chair, a bookshelf, and maybe a kettle with coffee and tea accessories. A standing lamp can complete the picture perfectly. A reading corner may seem unnecessary. After all, you can read anywhere. Why would you need a place that is specifically designated for reading? Reading is not supposed to be something that you do in passing. A reading nook will encourage you to make an occasion of the time you spend behind a book. A comfortable chair will keep you comfortable, but sitting up so you won’t get sleepy. So, get a reading nook – even if you’re not a reader!

Ambient lighting

Invest in multiple sources of light in your bedroom. Install a dimmer switch to allow you to adjust your overhead lighting to a brightness that you are comfortable with. Use the overhead light in combination with two or more nightlights, preferably ones that are within your reach when you are in bed. Nightlights have an amazing ability to give ambiance to your room. This light will also be easier on your eyes and help you sleep better.

Add plants

Pot plants or hanging plants is essential to any bedroom. Plants produce oxygen and are true natural décor that you can add to your room. Plants are generally believed to have a calming effect on people. If you have a tendency to kill your plants, ask your local nursery for plants that require less maintenance.