6 Don’ts When Building a Happy Long-Term Relationship


If you want your relationship to last long, you should be aware of the things that contribute to its success and the things that poison it. Very often, couples don’t even realize that some of their actions or habits are gradually ruining their relationship. It’s always safer to learn from other people’s mistakes, so we surveyed Russian women online and found out the popular relationship killers. Here are six things that you should never do if you want to build a healthy relationship.

  1. Don’t rush into things.
    If you are at the initial stage of your relationship, don’t try to speed it up. It’s understandable that your feelings prompt you to bring closer your firsts (kiss, sex, romantic trip). For this, you want to spend every minute with your partner. However, it’s important to maintain a shade of mystery in your couple. Otherwise, your interest in each other will quickly fade away.
  2. Don’t idealize your partner.
    You may think that your partner is flawless but then there comes a moment of disillusionment. There is nothing perfect in this world. You shouldn’t forget that people usually try to seem better than they are at the beginning of a relationship. So, don’t exaggerate your partner’s merits. Admit that they have some flaws too and be ready to turn the blind eye to some of their weaknesses.
  3. Don’t try to control your partner.
    The fact that you’re a couple doesn’t mean that your partner must spend their free time exclusively on you ignoring their friends and personal interests. Always remember that you’re two independent personalities with your own social circles, hobbies, habits, etc. Being possessive towards your partner and limiting their freedom, you show your dependence and lack of trust. This will only undermine your relationship. In order to build a healthy relationship, give your partner enough space and learn to trust each other.
  4. Don’t walk away from important questions.
    Trying to build a harmonious relationship, some people decide to avoid discussing serious matters or the things that bother them. They are afraid that this discussion can have a negative effect on their relationship. This is a wrong strategy because it runs counter to the idea that partners should discuss their worries rather than keep things to themselves. If you see that you’re progressing in your relationship, make everything clear. Remember that good communication is a guarantee of a healthy relationship.
  5. Don’t mention your exes.
    Once you enter into a relationship with a particular person, you should forget about your previous partners. Your recalling your ex can be interpreted by your current partner in several ways. First, they might think you are not completely over your ex. Second, they might start comparing themselves with your ex and it will only poison your relationship.
  6. Don’t tell lies.
    Some partners resort to white lies to avoid conflicts. However, even a small lie can undermine mutual trust in your couple. Be honest and always voice the things that worry you.