6 Benefits of Owning a Dog


Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. They are cute, obedient, friendly, and fun to have around if you find a breed that suits your lifestyle and preferences. If you are torn between getting a dog and keeping on with your lonely life, we have some news for you: a four-legged friend can change your life. Here are six simple benefits of a dog:

1.    Dogs are easier to raise

Compared to other pets such as cats, horses, pigs, and reptiles, dogs are a lot easier to live with. For one, they can feed on virtually anything you eat, with their popularity making it easy to find healthy dog food in pet supplies stores. Also, they are incredibly trainable and easy to coexist with. You just need to find a breed with your preferred level of intelligence, and you are good to go.

2.    Dogs offer companionship

If the only reason you fancy solitude is that you are not fond of other humans, a dog would be a fine substitute. Dogs just need food, your presence, attention, and playtime. Unlike cats, they always want to be part of the group, and they actually remember the face of the human that feeds them.

3.    A dog can better your social life

Pets, especially dogs, can be an excellent social lubricant for you. Taking them out to the park occasionally can help you start new friendships with other dog owners. You will also meet people at training classes, clubs, vet clinics, and pet food stores.

4.    Your dog will teach you valuable life skills

Home training a dog requires plenty of tolerance, patience, time, and effort — all of which are incredibly helpful skills in other aspects of our lives. If you are observant, you may also learn to find happiness in small things, live in the moment, and appreciate those who love and care for you.

5.    A dog is good for your anxiety

Science seems to back the notion that dogs provide emotional support to their owners, especially when they are going through hard times. According to more than one study, people’s negative moods decrease, and positive moods increase around pets.

6.    They give you a reason to exercise

Dogs love outdoor walks and interacting with other animals and humans. It’s a treat you will have to give your pet once in a while — perhaps over the weekends or in the evening after work. If you struggle to find motivation for walks and other forms of outdoor exercise, a dog will certainly get you on your feet. At first, it may feel like an inconvenience, but you will slowly ease into the routine and have your furry friend to thank for your healthier lifestyle.


Dogs are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they can be of great benefit to your physical and mental health if you give them a chance. If you are contemplating buying or adopting a puppy for the first time, consider checking with a pet expert for advice and guidance.