6 Bachelor Party Tricks That Will Improve Your Night


It’s fair to say bachelor parties used to be a lot more exciting. Have you attended many in the past few years? I bet none of them could be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster. Even though they’re still fun each one is missing a little bit of magic.

When you throw a bachelor party you want friends to talk about it for years. Your one should set the standard for all those to follow. Do you want to guarantee it happens? Let’s discuss a few tricks that will help you throw the best party ever.

1. Normal Strippers Won’t Cut It

Most strippers in Perth, New York, Toronto, and London will all be the same. You’ll get a beautiful girl ready to whip her clothes off. It’s definitely nice if you’ve never seen a female naked before.

But if you’re not a member of the church you want to see hot cream strips, pearl shows, lesbian shows, and any other acts your stripper is willing to perform. Once you’ve seen them your friends will be happy all night.

2. Start the Evening Pretty Early

You’ll have a few places you want to visit at night, but start the party earlier in the day. It will give everyone a chance to chat before they’re too drunk. It’s becoming more popular to have a game of poker at home.

Those who don’t know how to play can learn the basics before your bachelor party. Hire a topless dealer to handle the cards. Get some nice cigars and combine them with a few tasty bottles of whisky.

3. Getting into Every Establishment

It might be hard to get into every single bar and club. If you live in the wrong city they won’t like large groups of guys tearing the place up. When you keep getting rejected it can leave you feeling frustrated.

Contact everywhere beforehand and rent a table in the VIP area. You will never be rejected if you’re on the list. You’ll also feel like a king when you’re partying and it will attract lots of girls your way.

4. Make Your Own Wonderful Costumes

Some bachelor parties like to go out wearing costumes. Unfortunately, most of the time you see them it’s somewhat lacking. This is because nobody puts any real effort into getting the perfect costume.

Once everyone knows the theme they’ll buy the first thing they see online. Tell your friends to make the costumes themselves because it will turn out a lot better. Make sure they’re specially designed to attract attention.

5. Come up with Crazier Challenges

Nobody should go easy on the groom when they’re coming up with a list of challenges. If the challenges are boring who is going to watch them being carried out? Everyone would rather sit around talking.

It will be easy to generate excitement if the groom has to persuade multiple girls to knock back bottles  of beer in seconds. The entire party will be on the floor laughing when the groom is trying to collect underwear.

6. Somewhere to Party After Hours

It would be sad if you crawled home after the club kicked you out. Instead, you should ask lots of sexy girls if they’d like to come back to a pool party. You’ll be able to keep partying until the sun comes up.

If you don’t have a pool just hire a massive home for the night. Once everyone throws in some cash it won’t cost too much per person. You can ask your friends if it’s something they would be interested in.

The Craziest Night of Your Life

Keep these tricks in mind and you’ll end up having the craziest night of your life. I’d like to say you’ll remember it forever, but it’s more likely you will lose your memories after consuming too much alcohol.