5 Truths About Social Media and Online Relationships


Social media is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary aspects of the modern age. An increasingly diverse range of people check their various accounts regularly, from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to Instagram and Snapchat. It’s so convenient to forge meaningful connections on any or all of these platforms it’s sometimes difficult to remember what life was like before the advent of social media.

While there are undoubted benefits from being able to communicate to such a wide cross-section of people from the convenience of your web browser or smart device, there are also considerable drawbacks, and it does no harm to highlight both. So what are five truths about social media when it comes to online relationships?

Social media will never replace face-to-face contact 

It can be possible to conduct long-distance relationships by exchanging emails, or better still, conducting regular video chats ot Skype calls. Internet dating has introduced a whole raft of possibilities in this respect. If you are hoping to meet someone a bit more exotic than local girls, social media can introduce you to vibrant females from anywhere in the planet.

The downside of this is that you won’t be able to enjoy the same fulfilling relationship with someone you could meet on a regular basis, or even move in with. Sure, you could save up for holiday trips. But what if this foreign girl of your dreams comes to visit and reveals personality traits that instantly transform her into someone from your worst nightmares?

Social media is undoubtedly convenient, but it will never beat the intensity of meeting someone in the flesh who makes your heart soar.

Beware imposters 

Following on from the first point, although it’s always important to see the best rather than the worst in people we encounter for the first time, social media does provide the unscrupulous with masks to hide behind. For whatever reason, you could end up chatting to someone on a social media platform who is using a bogus identity. There’s even a slang word for this – catfishing – and attempting to lure people into online relationships on false pretences has broken many a heart out there. There’s no harm in adopting an air of suspicion when you’re messaging strangers. Until you get to know them, use caution and never send saucy photographs. If you want a girl to date online far better to use trusted matchmaking websites.

Beware keyboard rage! 

It’s part of life’s eternal up and down motion that relationships can break-up. When this happens in the real world, you can ensure your paths don’t cross with your ex-partner. But social media is less forgiving. It’s a bit like the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome that can transform the most mild-mannered driver into an aggressive individual consumed by road rage in certain conditions. A spurned party can be more empowered when sitting behind their keyboard, and may well feel the urge to turn quite nasty and vitriolic.

The similarity between offline and online 

Obviously there are differences in conducting online relationships, but in other areas your behavior shouldn’t change. Just as you would when getting to know a new partner in the real world, take your time developing a sense of connection and chemistry when exchanging emails or video chats. Learn as much as you can about this person before committing to meeting them for a date.

Honesty is the best policy 

Finally, even if you are separated from the person you are chatting to by distance, and introduced via profile photos, always be honest about yourself and what you are looking for in a partner.