5 Trendy Dressing Style Ideas for Cocktail Party


To dress is to show off your persona, and the fashion world has never seized to amaze people. Thanks to the evolving style trends that women do not have to wear what their Grandmothers used to wear in the 1890’s. You do not wear a dress even from the 1990’s. With the developing fashion ideas, there have been formed some etiquette to maintain the elegance and soul purpose of the design creation.

Attending a social event is sometimes a bit stressful. When it comes to a cocktail party, you are supposed to enjoy a few chit-chats and some fancy drinks. However, chances are that your dressing style might ruin the night or your comfort level. To play safe, you should choose your dress wisely. Not just the dress but, also the footwear and accessories. After all, it would all complete your dress.

You would be more confident to enjoy your evening while setting a style statement. Get some basic ideas on how to dress perfectly and follow some guidelines given below:

  1. LBD -Little Black Dress Always Works

Cocktail parties are meant to be classy and so are you. An LBD (that never goes out of fashion) is always a savior when it comes to any kind of evening parties. Nevertheless, you would need to be a bit careful before you put on your little black dress. A cocktail party happens for a purpose; it could be a wedding, a business meet-up, or just a gathering.

Hence, your dress must be graceful instead of being glamorous. It should make you look gorgeous and not gawky. Make sure that your little dress does not reveal too much of your body parts as it is not just another night out with your girlfriends. Do not wear a see-through dress or some skimpy outfit. Wear a classy little black dress and avoid one that gets you unnecessary attention.

  1. Pair up With a Skirt and a Blouse

One of the other gracious styles also includes a skirt and a blouse. A midi sized dress can indeed be a right choice but, pairing up with a skirt and blouse would add some extra charm to your personality. Again, you would need to know what type of skirt and blouse you can wear to a cocktail party.

Well, you must be careful with the hemline and necklines. The skirt should neither be too long that trails out and about nor too short that looks like a micro mini skirt. A similar thing applies to your top or blouse. It should be decent looking classic one that looks exquisite on you. You can wear a knee length or above or below knee length skirt and any contrast color blouse with it.

  1. Trouser or Jeans?

Trouser, of course! Jeans might be your first choice whenever you plan to head out because you remain in your comfort zone. Nonetheless, it is not an appropriate choice for a cocktail party. Jeans is considered casual dressing, so, you can rather wear a trouser or a jumpsuit for the special evening.

There are pant-suits and stylish trouser you can wear at the cocktail parties. It would keep you at ease and would also give you a chic look. Try to choose dark colors and pair it with light accessories to have a perfect appearance in the cocktail party you are going to attend.

  1. Know the Measurement of The Dress

Cocktail party dresses are never the size of trail out long gowns or ankle-length dresses or skirts. It should be around knees or above knees. You would have other parties to fulfill your Cinderella moment. In cocktail parties, you go with midi size dresses if you are not okay with shorter dresses. Moreover, you would find ample of option in that category if you try to find dresses. No excuses and no compromise; when you want to look right for the occasion, you wear the right dress.

  1. Significant And Relevant Accessories

Last but, a crucial tip is about wearing or carrying the proper accessories. When you are almost ready; dress-check, hair-check, makeup-check. The last editing you would require to do is about your footwear, bag, and accessories like a necklace or earrings etc.

– Footwear should not be anything random. According to the dressing guidelines you read above, the best choice of footwear would be pumps. You can wear a platform or flat but make sure it goes well with the dress you have chosen to wear.

– Plus, regardless of how distant place it is for the party, never carry an oversized or big purse with you. Always have a small cute clutch that looks perfect with your evening dress. A trendy clutch would enhance your overall look and would keep you in vogue.

– The most essential part is how you accessorize yourself. Never put on a heavy necklace or huge earrings that are flashy. Keep it simple and sober with minimal accessories. It should be light and relevant to your dressing. Something small yet significant that improves your impression and suits your dressing sense.

Keep these 5 simple tricks in your mind while getting ready for a cocktail evening and see how you come up with a mesmerizing look. In addition, you can find some best deals on clothing, shoes, and accessories in the online market. Thus, you can maintain your status-quo in the most affordable way and flaunt your style wherever you go.