5 Tips To Grow Your Instagram Account


How to become an influencer? How to become popular on Instagram? How to become someone everybody wants to follow? Many of us would like to open this chamber of secrets.

It’s just that some people are just natural influencers and become popular fast, but that is acceptable only at the start of such a career. Afterward, you have to create a strategy and do hard work anyway, just like simple people who want to be more popular do.

Luckily some fantastic tips can help you reach your goals faster – here are 5 of them that are crucial for a successful Instagram account or even a career on this platform.

Focus On High Quality and Natural Light

Image credit: Jack Douglass

Try to make your pictures in the highest quality possible. Quality and visuals mean everything today. Especially when we are living in the times where people have much less patience than ever before. They no longer read as much and give one picture only up to 3 seconds until they lose interest. Most high-quality photos nowadays can be made with smartphones, but make sure you don’t use blurry, dark images.

Therefore another critical element in high-quality photography is the right light. Here you can always trust natural light – the most beautiful photos are made with it. It’s excellent both for selfies and lifestyle pictures. But don’t forget that the source of the light can’t come from your back. Otherwise, the photo will come out dark anyway.

Follow Your Target Audience

Instagram has more features than just uploading visual content. An essential feature for one who wants to grow an Instagram account is the possibility to connect, engage, and communicate with other users and even brands.

You can do it in a few ways: with direct messaging, commenting and following others. But first of all, what you need to do is establish which people meet the requirements of your target audience. Then you need to find out what hashtags define these people and look for them in the search section.

After you find these people – follow them, and try to engage by commenting. Just don’t go over the top, because Instagram has its restrictions against spam. Another idea, if you’re creating an account for business, is to look after your competitors. See what kind of people are following them and try to engage with some of them.

Have an Authentic Style: Borders, Filters, and Themes

Image credit: Thought Catalog 

First, decide either you want to use borders or not – they can look great and eye-catching, but only if this style detail is consistent. If you choose to use borders, then use them on all of your photos, if not – then don’t use them at all.

Second, decide on what kind of filter from Instagram or third-party app you want to use. You can always find great apps to edit your photos if you don’t prefer the ones that Instagram is offering. Just remember that the same rule applies to filters as it does with borders – keep it consistent and use only one filter for all of your photos.

And the third tip regarding the style of your content is to select a theme. In other words – decide who you want to be on Instagram. You could be a beauty guru, motorcycle enthusiast, traveler and so much more.

Plan Your Posts

To keep your content flowing and your users interested, plan and schedule your posts for the upcoming week. There are plenty of tools that can help you do that and you probably heard about a few popular ones. But if you are one of those Apple enthusiasts and want to schedule your posts on your Mac, then click here if you want to learn how to post to instagram from mac – it’s easier than you could imagine.

Use Popular Hashtags

And finally, when you have your pictures taken, edited, when your white borders are, and you are ready to absorb all the fame and attention, don’t forget the hashtags. You can use a few particular ones that do not have a large feed under them. But also make sure to use some popular ones under each of your photos. You can find updated continuously lists on Google – even segmented ones.