5 Tips for Achieving Cosmetic Sales Goals


There are several popular and established cosmetic companies in any given market. A new brand has to deal with cutthroat competition to establish market share and then to gain reputation in the tough market conditions. Your new cosmetic brand requires a lot of hard work to not only make a name but also to become a top seller in your line of cosmetic items. Take a look at a few tips to help you achieve your cosmetic sales goals. 

  1. Sell Where the Action Takes Place

You have multiple selling options beyond your own website, too. These include social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, online stores, and e-commerce sites. On social media, you’d have the opportunity to join closed and open groups, where you can begin selling your items instantly (don’t forget to read the rules). On marketplaces, you’d get a chance to showcase your products to a plethora of audiences, so this could lead to an instant boost in sales. If you do need a site, you can create one free of cost using Square.

  1. Add Validation to Your Offering

Understanding what buyers want, desire, and need from your brand can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are benchmarking companies that carry out beauty consumer research to measure your brand’s perception amongst target audiences. The research usually includes important aspects of marketing intelligence: qualitative and quantitative research that arms brands with need-to-know forward-thinking information about their prospects. For instance, the benchmarking company may find your target market loves natural ingredients, so this could be the value proposition for your next marketing campaign.

  1. Schedule Events 

Roll out limited edition items at special events in stores and on social media. Holding special events like a discount sale will spark interest in your brand from potential buyers. Before holding any such event, meet with your team and discuss what your goal is. For instance, if your goal is to sell 100 items at the next pop up event and you have 10 sales personnel available, that comes down to a sales goal of 10 items per team member. If you’re hosting an event online, make sure your brand representatives have dedicated phone lines to cater incoming demand. In addition, you may want to run pre-launch ads to generate buzz.

  1. Piggyback On Influencers

92% of consumers trust recommendations from other individuals, even people they haven’t met, over branded content. You can work with cosmetic influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to get your brand in front of a targeted audience. When taking this approach, make sure to give the influencer enough creative freedom to share his/her thoughts about the product. If you’ve faith in your item, you shouldn’t worry about negative feedback. Latest product promotion guidelines demand influencers to reveal if they’re vouching for a product, so giving them creative freedom is the best thing you can do to achieve organic word of mouth.

  1. Associate Your Products with Trends

Make sure you’re updated with what’s trending around the world, not just in your target market. Certain consumer groups in Southeast Asia may be longing for products from the UK, for instance. You could relate to trends from around the world in one of your value propositions. Hence, keep tabs on what consumers are spending their money on using Google Trends or another keyword research tool.

By implementing these tips, the chances of your brand achieving its sales goals should improve significantly.