5 Things To Consider When Starting Out In Married Life


So you’ve had the proposal, things are all romantic and wonderful and you’re starting to look at what getting married means. It’s important to make sure you have a good look at married life in all of it’s glory to make sure you are ready for this and you are also both good for each other as spouses. Here are five vitally important things to consider before you tie the knot.

Don’t Blow Everything You Have On The Wedding 

Naturally after an engagement has commenced then your mind starts thinking about the wedding.day and what that will be? Where are you going to do it? How many guests are there going to be? Caterers, flowers, cars, bands etc. there is so much to be considered. But what is more important than any of this is that you plan not only for a wedding day but a lifetime together and this is what a marriage really is! You can easily spend the money for a wedding on other things so keep this in mind when budgeting. 

Have A Life Plan That Matches Your Spouse 

You will both already have a life plan, of course everyone does but have you properly discussed this in detail with your partner. Do you both want kids or not is a classic one and this is so big that there’s rarely a relationship that can handle opposing views on this one, but even if you both want kids, how many? Does one of you want five and the other only one? Other things such as work and where to live, retirement strategies are all important to be aware of. 

Figure Out Where You Are Going To Live 

Are you going to stay where you live now? Are you prepared to move for family, health or professional reasons? Do you want to move and need a bigger house, if so you are going to have to find a better mortgage, maybe you both have houses and will look to sell one or both? 

How Are You Going To Divide The Finances 

Are you both coming into the marriage from similar financial positions or is one of you starting with a lot more, if so are you really happy sharing everything, including wealth, as that is what a marriage really is. Are your finances strong between you as a couple as if they are not then many things could be very difficult such as starting a family. If there are any concerns these should be out in the open and fully discussed prior to the marriage starting, this way you are both in full control and can set up any legal protections at this stage. 

Culture & Religion 

If one or other of you have a specific cultural or religious background then it is important to fully explore what this may mean in terms of big life decisions even if one of you are not practising or particularly devout it can still have a big impact on world views. You want to be sure there won’t be insurmountable issues or even problems with your extended families, even planning an interfaith wedding ceremony can be a problem.