5 Secrets To Keeping Your Garden Charming The Whole Year


Most of us long for a gorgeous garden that boasts versatile plant life and a certain evergreen charm, although, most homeowners struggle with garden maintenance when the seasons’ change as colder months often encourage wilting for several different types of plants. However, there are a few effective ways that you can keep your garden charming the whole year and what’s more, you won’t exactly have to invest a ton of effort but rather change your approach to garden maintenance. Whether you are only just creating the garden of your dreams now, or you are finding yourself frustrated after having to constantly pull plants and flowers that don’t make it through harsher seasons, the following 5 secrets will keep your garden breathtakingly beautiful the whole year-round.

Invest In An Elegant Outdoor Feature

Even though most homeowners centre their gardening focus around plants, you should incorporate other elements that will draw attention and add to the visual appeal of the outdoor space. Therefore, you should consider investing in an outdoor water feature that compliments your desired outdoor theme. There are various types of outdoor water features available on the market, which means you will be able to find the perfect addition for a smaller yard that won’t overpower the space.

It is best to utilize an outdoor water feature as a focal point and make use of coordinating planters that are placed strategically in your garden to ensure your garden theme and colour choices flow well. Other great additions include fairy lights or smaller, more classy solar panel lights that will add vibrance to the atmosphere in the evenings. You should avoid overdoing it when selecting elegant outdoor features as more is definitely less. Your garden should be clutter-free and adding too many extra items means your garden may ultimately look a bit too messy and chaotic.

Green Walls

Rather than hanging plants from the wall to achieve a lush looking garden, you could consider the incredible charm of garden walls. Garden walls are often referred to as verticle gardens and while they are perfect for smaller yards, there is no reason why you shouldn’t utilize the walls in your garden to add lush greenery and elegant flowers. Annual flowering plants can be transplanted to the walls in containers and this effort will allow you to get the most out of your beloved plants.

Think Before You Plant

Even though it sounds like a decent idea to head down to the local nursery and pick out all the most gorgeous plants that appeal most to you, this will end up a complete disaster as you will need to establish which types of plants and flowers are best before investing time and money. Not all plants will last the year and not all plants will flourish in your region, therefore, you should rather consider evergreen shrubs and plants as they will withstand the elements exceptionally well. Thinking and researching before you start digging and planting means your selection will be suitable according to the weather specifics in your region. Some plants may need direct sunlight while others would thrive in shady areas of your garden, therefore, you should be fully aware of your plan before you even start.

Evergreen Lawn

There’s simply no denying that evergreen lawn would be the perfect solution for everyone who cannot bear the sight of yellowing grass during winter. You will need to maintain evergreen grass during winter months just as you would during the warmer seasons, although, your lawn will be charmingly green all year-round and your lawn is basically the blank canvas to your garden design.

Never Neglect Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep up the charming appeal of your yard is to devote your efforts to ongoing maintenance at regular intervals. You should mow the lawn at least once a week and make the effort of weeding, trimming any trees and watering plants. Depending on the weather, you may need to make a point of watering your garden more than once a week to ensure life is able to thrive even during colder months of drought periods. Maintenance is the backbone of a beautiful garden and neglecting this effort means all your initial hard work will be undone within a shockingly short period of time. Therefore, you should have a designated space in your yard, such as a garden shed to keep your gardening equipment. It is always best to invest in quality equipment.