5 Most Overlooked Mistakes You May Be Doing with Your Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are commonly known for adding length to your natural hair or for adding volume to either thin or short hair. You can either use clip in or sew in hair extensions to have that beautiful long hair that you have always longed for. That is why hair extensions are very common almost in all states. You will find that 6 out of 10 women regularly use hair extensions and weaves to change their hair into a new look.

Besides, hair extensions require be maintaining and taking care of so that they can look the best. When you keep your hair extensions looking good, you will also look good. A lot of commitment is needed if you are getting a tape in extensions. Here are the mistakes that you may be doing with your hair extensions, and you don’t even realize it.

  1. Not doing your research well

One shoe size does not fit all. And this is why it’s crucial for you to research before purchasing your hair extension so that you will know what it is you are purchasing. You shouldn’t buy extensions just because they are being advertised using fancy names like Caucasian, virgin, etc. All these names refer to quality hair extensions found on the market. To ensure that you get the best hair extensions you are required to know how the hair looks like in terms of:

Colour: Virgin hair extensions have never been changed in any way, this means that it only comes in various natural brown colors. If you come across hair that is labelled as virgin but is platinum, bleach or balagaye in color, it only means that the hair extension is not virgin hair because these colors can just be gotten with the use of chemicals.

Pony tails:  It isn’t common for Remy hair or virgin hair to come already made in a packet. When opening the pack, you should be in a position to see the hair extension in its original form that’s in a ponytail before it is converted into extensions. If you come across hair which is already packaged and ready to install immediately, know that it is probably a product made from the factory with different chemicals.

  1. Choosing hair extensions made from factories

Chemically altered- Factory hair extensions are mostly made from Indian or Chinese hair. While this is not such a bad thing, the hair is mostly black. So to change these hair extensions into various colours a lot of chemicals are used to change them. During the whole process of dying the hair and bleaching, it becomes weak and damaged. The factories coat the extension with silicone covers to make them appear soft and silky when it is first purchased and installed. The sad thing is that the smooth, silky look will only last for about two weeks before the hair begins to get dry and matted.

Sourced from various donors- Hair extensions made from factories mostly are not manufactured from one donor. Getting hair from different donors is a problem because the hair has cuticles which prevent the strands of hair from getting tangled to each other. To dodge these problem factories, remove the hair cuticles and instead apply silicone on it. After the silicone is depleted the hair extension becomes tangled and dry because there are no cuticles left to let the hair glide past each other.

Chemically styled- We all have different types of hair. Some people have straight hair while others have curly or wavy hair. When looking for hair extensions you will want to buy an extension that matches with your hair for smooth blending. Unfortunately, factories often style their hair artificially to make it look straight, wavy or curly in the beginning. After washing your hair extensions a few times, the curls and waves fade off, and the extensions stop matching with your natural hair.

  1. Failure to maintain your hair extension

It’s important to take care and maintain your hair extension just like your natural hair. Maintaining your extensions means going for reinstallations, using quality hair products, and not overheating your hair. You need to look after your extensions and give them attention for them to remain in the best of state. Be keen in the ways of maintaining them so that they can provide you with service for a considerable period.

  1. Brushing your hair, the way you did before getting extensions

When you have installed hair extensions, you can’t go brushing your hair the exact way you did before installing the extensions. You need to watch out for you to not pull out the clip ins or tapes. If you have to brush your hair with your tape ins ensure that your hair is completely dry. Your hair is weaker when it’s wet, and so it can be easy for the tape ins to be pulled out when brushing your hair. When having extensions it’s recommended to use a wide tooth combed brush. Hold the hair below the tape to make sure that you won’t be pulling the tape. Then begin brushing your hair from the bottom to the top.

  1. Not using your towel well to dry the hair or using heat to dry the hair

When taken good care of our hair rejuvenates itself naturally, but hair extensions don’t possess that ability meaning it needs to be taken care off. Use of heat to dry the hair extension takes away the moisture, and it causes the hair to become brittle and dry. After washing your hair dry the extensions by patting a towel gently on your hair for it to dry.


If your hair extension stylist is a professional always listen to the advice, they give you pertaining hair extensions. They know the good products and the bad as well as some of the mistakes to avoid with hair extensions and they can tell you about how certain extensions require to be maintained.