5 Italian Brands to Add to Your Wardrobe


Italy has long reigned as the home of talented fashion designers that set the trends we follow each year. When spending one’s hard-earned money on designer goods, it’s important to invest in quality as well as recognition. With Italian designers, you can accomplish both.

Here are five Italian designer brands to add to your wardrobe, some that you’ll recognize immediately, others that will be more obscure, and all of which can give you the runway look you’ve been longing for.


Don’t just focus on the clothing aspect of your wardrobe; it’s the accessories that bring everything together. Those fine details are what will set you apart and take your style to the next level.

Panerai is a luxury watchmaker, launched by designer Giovanni Panerai in 1860. In addition to having panerai watches for sale, this flagship store was both a workshop and a school for Italian watchmakers. Like many watchmakers of that era, Panerai used a combination of expertise and innovation to create tools that would serve greater purposes by supporting military efforts through functionality.

Today, Panerai offers a wide range of luxury watches that vary from boldness to simplicity, and eye-catching to understated. This show of range and talent has created a brand that offers something for everyone in the designer market.


Marni is a new-age twist on an Italian classic. This contemporary clothing line was created in 1994, making it recent in the world of designer fashion. Applying the trusted Italian design skills with a modern flair, Marni got its start in the fur business before evolving to meet changing social needs and fashion standards. Now, Marni has everything, including accessories, footwear, and outerwear.

For newcomers to Marni, start by looking at their wide range of footwear options. For those looking to take a casual approach to high fashion, focus on their selection of designer sneakers. These pieces of art are crafted with comfort and functionality in mind. For women looking to be elevated, their selection of pumps are innovative, quirky, and unlike any other brand you’ve seen before.

Unlike most designer labels, Marni has a selection of children’s clothing and accessories as well. These pieces are perfect for your miniature fashionista.


Don’t let the namesake fool you: Diesel is an Italian designer brand. While their key focus is on denim rather than some of the finer materials used in high-fashion, Diesel products are ideal for those who want the designer label without the pomp and circumstance.

Diesel was founded in 1976 and became synonymous with high-quality, Italian-made denim over the years. Their advertising strategy showcased the casual products with the care and consideration of high-fashion marketing tactics, targeting a demographic with high disposable income and love for a good pair of jeans.

What makes Diesel fashionable is perhaps its well-known resistance to all things fashion. It’s a brand that’s built for insiders who desire the freedom of an outsider, and overachievers who want to be underdogs.


Valentino is one of the most recognizable Italian brands. Founded in Rome in 1960 by Valentino Garavani, Valentino was once a one-man fashion show. Garvani’s love of fashion and desire to pursue a career in design was first self-taught before leading to educational pursuits in Paris. When he felt as though he’d mastered the basics, Garavani opened Valentino. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Valentino label boasts the highest quality in Italian designer fashion, with Valentino Red becoming an iconic signature color in his designs. Celebrities ranging from Elizabeth Taylor to Jennifer Lopez have long been fans of Valentino’s work. For fashion-minded men, nothing beats the care and craftsmanship of a Valentino suit. Female fashionistas should look at their stunning line of outerwear.


Milan is the fashion capital of the world. Thus, it’s no surprise that the world-renowned designer brand, Prada, was founded there. Even those who don’t know high fashion are familiar with Prada, from numerous film and song references to this iconic brand.

Prada was started by a family of the same namesake in 1913. At the time, their key focus was on designer leather products. Despite pushback on females in the design business, Mario Prada’s daughter Luisa took over as leader of this iconic brand for 20 years before passing it along to her daughter. This Italian classic is perfect for the discerning modern woman.

When adding a Prada piece to your wardrobe, focus on the accessories. There’s no finer craftsmanship than a Prada handbag and a pair of sunglasses touting the famous label will bring forth your inner celebrity. The shoes are in a league of their own and worthy of the price tag.

Why Buy Italian

Italian designers are favored above all other designers because of their careful craftsmanship and undeniable quality that sets their pieces apart. Italian designers don’t follow trends; they set them. When investing in designer goods, buying Italian is a great starting point.