5 Fun Apps To Help You Kill Time


Smartphones have become integral part of our daily lives. Even a single hour without this device – connected to the Internet of course, seems impossible. A smartphone can be useful when trying to find the right way in a place that is unknown. It allows you to immediately buy what you were looking for with a single tap on the screen, and to communicate in a smart way with whoever you want whenever you want. In a nutshell, it gives you a thousand other services that facilitate your daily life.

The world of applications for smartphones and tablets is vast and varied. It is true that there is an app for everything so, for all those who wonder if there is an application to do this or that thing, just search around the store you will find something interesting for sure. The App Store has over 800 thousand applications, and Android Play Store is somewhere close. In this ocean of software, next to useful apps, such as office applications, calendars, calculators, navigators, it is not difficult to run into funny apps that can help you kill time. Ready to discover the best 5? Let’s get started!

5. Talk Like an Alien

How much did we have fun as a child to hear our voice after having sucked the helium of a balloon? Well, today we can once again experience that feeling … thanks to our smartphone!

They may seem silly and childish, but funny apps that change your voice can become a serious addiction and a good companion to kill time.

The absolute leader of this type of application, with over one million downloads, is the one known as “Best Voice Changer”. Once you have uploaded a file, you have the possibility to choose among the most disparate vocal effects, making your voice sound like a robot, the Dark Lord, an alien, the much loved helium voice, and much more. Just try it!

4. Let me Take a Selfie

The word “selfie” has entered the dictionaries in record time! The impact this trend is having in the society, not only among celebrities, but also among ordinary people is mind-blowing. The selfie mania ended up under the lens of psychologists whose research found the following: 39% of the interviewees take selfie to make others laugh and to entertain, 30% take them out of vanity and 21% take selfies to show a particular moment of their life. There’s even a mental disorder called “selfitis” which is described as an obsessive need to continuously post selfies, and has been debated by a number of psychologists.

With all the hype going around, apps to help people make better and more interesting selfies have become a must.

The first response of the market that has achieved great success has been Snapchat and its filters. You can take the appearance of animals or objects, you can apply accessories, you can play with deformations or kaleidoscopic effects… but from South Korea, where the population goes crazy for selfies, comes a new, and very interesting app called Snow. Here we can find a lot of “classic” filters like the animal ones or the little hearts, but it is also possible to play with very Asian style effects, such as deformations that transform the face into a pear or a donkey. There is also the possibility to create gifs. In addition, it has a small social platform with chats and stories that last 48 hours. And if someone makes a screenshot, you receive a notification.

3. Play. Have Fun. Enjoy the Game.

Mobile games are a great way to kill some time, and there are literally thousands of them in the stores. From adventure games, RPGs, first-person shooters, puzzles and even MMOs, there’s a large pool of games and entertainment apps that you can try out.

Apart from games, you’ll also find mobile casinos that offer numerous casino games for the people who want to experience something real. And if you’re the type that enjoys going to casinos, playing roulette or blackjack, or just doing spins on slot machines, mobile casinos can be a fun way to kill some time on your smartphone. Just check out casinocountdown.com or some similar site, and find reviews of the most popular mobile casinos you can find online or in the app stores.

2. I Believe in Ghosts. Do you?

Do you feel that there are presences in your house that you can not explain? Are you a little paranoid and do you think you are surrounded by strange beings? Get help from Ghost Detector, which helps you track down all the paranormal stuff around you.

The developers of this app present it as a kind of supernatural radar that signals the presence of small electromagnetic anomalies in the space, taking advantage of the sensors integrated in most smartphones. TV, computers, smartphones and other hi-tech devices tend to generate more or less constant fields, while the spectra change in shape and intensity over time. This should be the scientific basis on which the app is based. Real or not, it is definitely something fun to try out when feeling like there’s nothing else to do.

1. Make Memes, not War

Meme is a term that was first coined by Richard Dawkins, in the field of biology. After that, memes have evolved in something different and, for many people, have been the best inventions of the social network era.

Now you can have them just a click away with Memedroid. The funniest and most popular memes in the world are here, in order to make you laugh and change the mood of the day. Simply a collection of the best humoristic images circulating on the web.

The beauty of this app is that you can create memes yourself with your photo or that of whoever you want. If you’re looking to have some fun on your smartphone, Memedroid is the perfect app. The users are very active, so new and exciting memes are always available.

This list could go on forever, as mentioned initially there are thousands of apps and hundreds are invented every day. In any case, with these 5 recommended apps, you will not have time to get bored.

Some would think that apps are a real waste of our precious time, that otherwise could be well spent on other stuff like reading, cultivating social relationships, travelling, etc. But the truth is that mobile applications are useful and often times crucial to day-to-day activities. In all honesty however, when it comes to what people do in their free time, who are we to judge?