5 Facts That You Might Not Know about Breast Surgery


Are you looking to alter your silhouette with one or more types of breast surgeries? Whether you’re looking for a reduction or to augment your curves with implants, you’ll find that there is a lot of information floating out there about these procedures. Learning the facts about any plastic surgery that you are considering can help to ensure that you are making the right choice to help you meet your unique cosmetic goals.

  1. Breast reduction surgery can offer a number of practical benefits

While breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries requested, it’s the reduction surgery that can often offer women the most benefits. Implants are often done for reconstructive and cosmetic reasons alone. The reduction in size of breasts that are too large for the frame can offer a great reduction in the stress and tension that is often found in the neck and shoulders. Many women live with this discomfort and outright pain for all too many years, but find almost immediate relief on their neck and shoulders after surgery.

  1. Breast implants may need to be replaced

No one likes to hear that their implants may rupture or leak. However, this is a reality that simply accompanies the augmentation procedure. Both silicone and saline implants have the potential to rupture or otherwise leak slowly. If this does happen, the course of action is typically to remove the faulty implants and replace them with an upgraded option.

The average lifespan for an implant is 12 years. According to the experts at Form & Face clinic in Bondi, some may rupture within the first year, while others may be just fine beyond the 12 years. Routine checkups on your implants can help to determine the overall health of your breast and the status of the implants themselves.

  1. Breast reduction surgery can help men

Breast surgeries are associated more with women and their silhouettes. Many men live with a condition called gynaecomastia, where they have excess fat and breast tissue. While this only rarely poses a health concern, it can take a huge emotional and mental health toll on the man who has lost his confidence. The same breast reduction techniques used for women can be used for men looking to reduce that excess fat and breast tissue. A more masculine shape to the chest can be restored.

  1. The surgery may need to include a lift

A breast lift may need to be combined with the breast augmentation or reduction surgery. This is particularly true for women who have gone through weight loss or multiple pregnancies. The augmentation or reduction alone will not be sufficient for placing the breast in the right position. The lift will help to reposition the breast and add a much more youthful curvy look to the patient.

  1. Breastfeeding may still be possible

While it is recommended that women wait until after they have completed their families, breastfeeding may still be possible after breast surgery. With implants, the surgeon can place the implant so that it doesn’t interfere with the ducts within the breast. After a breast reduction, however, it may prove to be a bit more challenging to breastfeed as much of the breast tissue will be removed during the procedure.

Prior to making the decision to undergo any breast or plastic surgery, be sure to ask all of your questions and get the right answers from your surgeon during your consultation. The better informed you are, the better you’ll feel about the decisions that you make.