5 Criteria for Choosing the Best Grow Tent


A grow tent is a relatively simple rectangular structure, within which you can create a comfortable environment for your plants. As a rule, it is made of dense synthetic material, which has two or more layers. On the outside, there is a thick black layer like a tarp, and on the inside, there is a reflective material. The frame for the grow tent is a prefabricated structure of small metal tubes and connectors. There are all essential technical holes in the device. It is also equipped with a door that closes tightly with a zipper.

Even if you know exactly that you need a 5×10 grow tent, it can be a challenging task to choose the proper one. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a grow tent for your plants, including 5 parameters you have to take into account.

1.   Size

It is worth starting with this parameter. Think about how much space you are willing to allocate to your grow tent. Also, depending on the type and number of plants, you will need a certain amount of space inside.

It is worth measuring the height and width of the place where you want to install your grow tent. Simultaneously, the tent does not have to match the parameters exactly, as you need a place for maintenance and observation of your plants from all sides.

The tent should be high enough for all the plants to be comfortably placed. The standard-height tents of around 7 feet are great for typical living spaces with 8-feet ceilings. However, it is better to choose a structure with adjustable feet level. This way, you will be able to change the height. It is quite convenient as this parameter determines the additional devices you can use.

You need to select a grow tent based on your needs and goals. First, decide on the number of plants you are going to grow. For the successful development of one medium-sized plant, a small tent is covered (24x24x42 inches). If you want to place 2-4 plants, you should pay attention to larger tents (about 48x48x80 inches).

2.   Ventilation

Ventilation copes with excess moisture and supplies carbon dioxide inside the box, which plants need to grow in the daytime when the lamps are on. Due to the fans, cooling is performed, which is necessary since the light sources get very hot. The fan power is calculated according to the volume of the grow box.

Proper air circulation is essential for complete control over humidity and temperature uphill.

If your tent is located indoors, then before buying, it is worth checking for windows. They are needed to install the exhaust fans. Besides, the hot air vent and ventilation holes in the tent match the gaps in your venue.

3.   Material

Most grow tents are made of light-proof materials. In this case, you should also pay attention to the density since the thin fabric will not be durable. The dense material will also provide plants with better insulation from light and heat. The tent’s thickness varies from 120 to 1680D. The tent materials can also be mold and fire-resistant.

The inner cover must be highly reflective so that light does not escape from the tent. Manufacturers offer different lining materials that can provide up to 95% light reflection. The most popular and effective is mylar.

4.   Frames

It is worth paying attention to the frame and seams since you will also need various accessories in addition to the tent itself. The frames should be able to withstand lights and other fixtures, as well as plants, if you want to hang them. The tubes that make up the frame are usually made of steel. You can also find frames made of plastic, but they will not withstand all additional devices. Steel is the preferred material. It would be best if you choose the frames with interlocking mounts. They are securely fixed and prevent structural damage.

5.   Easy Access

Another essential part of any grow tent is the windows and entrance. During planting, grooming procedures, plant transplantation, and harvesting, you will need to frequently open the tent. The entry must be comfortable and wide enough so that you do not have to touch the plants every time.

Viewing windows will help you observe your plants without disturbing the microclimate inside the tent. The windows should be fixed with special fasteners and not let light in.

Create Perfect Conditions

The main advantage of a proper grow tent is the isolation of plants from any external influences. Thus it is easier for you to control their growth and general condition. So you have to ensure that the construction is reliable and trustworthy. It is also significant to check the tent material properties. The top layer must be resistant to light penetration, and the inner layer must be reflective for even light distribution. If the tent meets all the parameters above, it will provide your plants with suitable conditions for efficient growth.