5 Best Sock Shoes for Men


Sock shoes or sock-sneaker shoes, as most of us call them, are the latest trend in the footwear. There is not any wonder why we all like to wear this type of shoes. Thanks to the breathable, stretchy, and comfortable uppers, these shoes are very cozy and comfortable like your favorite pair of socks. From the high-end designer choices to versions that are picked up on a low, the shoes give your outfit the ultra-modern style.

In this post, we will look at the 5 best sock shoes for men that are trendy and comfortable at the same time. Sneaker shoes, designer Balenciaga and Nike have pounced over this cozy trend, and have introduced some stylish sneakers and dealing the fatal blow to the ankle blisters. They are arguably one largest athletics-inspired and comfort-minded sock, shoe trend that has made their way in the high fashion.

Check out the top 5 sock shoes sneakers to choose from:

  1. Balenciaga Speed Knit Shoe Sneaker

Speed Knit sneaker by Balenciaga has actually become the trend-setting bestseller in the shoe market, and it is not only how they look, but are highly comfortable and gives a unique feel. Thus, if you are looking for the coolest sock, shoe sneaker in the market and you can afford Speed Knits, then we highly suggest that you pick up this pair right away.

You will not go wrong with Balenciaga sock shoes sneakers. They are very stylish and feels comfy. This brand’s iconic line is designed with the thicker ankle cuff to give added comfort & soft memory fabric, which envelopes snugly over your foot. This is one of the best sock shoe from Balenciaga that is in high demand across the world.

  1. ADV 1 Primeknit Shoe Sneaker Adidas

Adidas has tried to put their spin on sock sneaker in the ADV 1s line of shoe sneaker, and we are its biggest fans. Design has the ribbed Primeknit upper, leather heel spoiler, as well as unique sole for the statement-making sock shoe that is highly wearable. In case, you are searching for the snug and cozy shoe sneaker that you can wear anywhere, Adidas’s Primeknit are the best bets right now.

The Primeknit textile contrasts its sole unit in the black color with a molded TPU spoiler to the heel. Finally, top of the ankle area includes matching heel tab to give simple entry.

  1. Nike HTM Mercurial Superfly Sock Shoe

The top in class and modern sock-sneakers, the Nike Mercurial Superfly HTM was some years ahead of time, and more covetable. Nike presents their newest on-pitch design innovations to the off-pitch shoe with their release of Free Mercurial HTM. Nike Free HTM outsole is the most favorite among the runners, whereas an integrated ankle sleeve assists support football players to make quick changes of their direction.

This sock sneaker from Nike is highly comfortable and offers great support to the wearer. You can wear the shoes anywhere you want and take added style with you everywhere. The fabric used is strategically placed that will help to stabilize the foot and keep this comfortable during your physical activity.

  1. Lanvin Knit Shoe Sneaker

Lanvin’s line of sock sneaker looks very like your fall sweater in a sneaker form. The latest entry of Lanvin in this sock sneaker game will come in a form of Stretch-Knit and High-Top. These shoes are inspired by the diving boots, and this shoe boasts the flexible stretch-knit and paired with the durable rubber sole below.

The collar notes the sock-like fit, whereas minimal branding will be present. You may pick up the size of Stretch-Knit Top sneaker, accessible in black and white, today. Do not wait long, and get one for yourself now! They are the most comfortable and have a brand name behind.

  1. High Tops Knit Ankle by H&M

The bold, fast-trend take on a sock sneaker, the kicks are basically the regular running style of shoe with an added comfort of the sock-like support. You can mesh the high tops with the rubber details, lacing, and rib-knit ankle part with the loop at back. It comes with mesh lining, insoles, as well as rubber soles.


So, these are some of the best shoe sneaker that are must buy, you can find many more brands in sock shoe on the internet. Make sure you choose the best one looking at your comfort and style. Article contributed by Hari babu!