5 Best & Easy Dressing tips for Newlywed Couples


It is always fun to hang out as a couple and in today’s busy world you should always try to make it a memorable event. One of the things that you can do as a couple when it comes to going out is to wear coordinated outfits also known as ‘dress as a couple’.

This can be a fun way to look synchronized as a couple. You can go cliché and wear couple’s matching clothes or try to a different or creative approach to couples dressing. We decided to compile a list of five tips which can help you stand out as a couple on your next party, event or date.

Matching or complementary coloured outfits

The first tip we will discuss today is going to be focused on the colour combination of your and your partner’s outfit. Colours are one of the first things that anyone notices when it comes to a dress. Having outfits which are relatable via colour can be a good thing for couples to wear on a date or on a photo session. When it comes to wearing outfits which are connected via colour there are two options that you can choose from. The first one is to wear matching colour outfits.

The wearing of matching colour outfits is one of the most popular choices for couples. You and your partner can decide on a colour that you both enjoy and choose an outfit which looks good in that colour. You can even wear footwears with matching colour. So, if you are into cute things and like the sound of this go ahead and give it a try.

The second option is to wear outfits with complimentary colours. You can get creative with this one. Choose a colour that you like and then pick out a similar outfit with a complementary colour. You can also choose outfits which are inverts of each other when it comes to colour. For example, if you are wearing a blue shirt with white collars you can get your partner a white shirt with blue collars.

Match the details rather than the whole thing

The first tip that we discussed was kind of cute and would help you out in many situations but sometimes being subtle is the key to having good chemistry going on between your and your partner’s clothing.

Don’t try wearing the same outfit but rather find outfits which match in a subtle way. For example, if you have a top with nice embroidery get your partner to wear some outfit which has the hint of a similar or the same design. Or maybe you can match the colour of your jewellery with his outfit. This subtle touch can greatly enhance your couple look without going overboard.

Also, it shows people that you two have put a lot of thought into what you are wearing as a couple. This idea is quite good because it does not limit you and your partner in any way. You both can wear stuff that you like while trying to be subtle when it comes to mailing the couples dressing sense.

Similar design pattern

This tip is short of an extension of the first tip. Here we will be discussing how a matching pattern can make you look sweet and synchronized as a couple. We will not suggest breaking this outfit everywhere.

This outfit will be perfect for a fun night or evening out where you just watch a movie together, take long walks and eat out. You do not have to start looking like twins. Use your own style sense to understand what works for both of you. The design pattern of his shirt can be on your skirt or maybe his pants have a check pattern similar to your top.

You can wear sweaters with the same pattern and base colour but different hues on the top. You can use similar creativity when it comes to your footwear as well. There are various fashion influencers on Instagram, you can also follow them for similar pattern design ideas.

Match the intensity of your outfits

This is a very important thing to keep in mind when trying to pick outfits to qualify as couples dresses. You have to match the theme and level of your apparel and accessories with your partner’s. The outfits can’t be too different. It might end up looking awkward otherwise. Understand what the event is and decide beforehand what type of dress you are planning on wearing. Discuss this stuff.

For example, if he is wearing casuals while you wear what appears to be your mom’s wedding dress, things are not going to look great. If it is a formal dinner party then wear something elegant and ask your partner to do the same. Don’t leave him wearing tees and jeans. Or if he is wearing tees and jeans you wear something casual as well and match his level. It should look as if you too are a couple who are subtly synchronized when it comes to dressing.

Similarity when it comes to accessories

This is another subtle to way flair your outfits to fit the couples dressing category. This is actually a fairly simple, less obnoxious and a subtler approach to this concept similar to tip number two on this list. For example, if your partner is wearing a brown leather jacket you do not have to wear the same to show the society that you are coordinated.

You can just carry a brown leather purse with a dark or medium-bright outfit and it will go well with your partner. You can also wear a hat or a beanie and socks, shoes which have a design or colour similar to your partner’s outfit. This is a good way to match coordinate your outfits.

Just have fun and try to be comfortable. After all, it is not worth it if you don’t have fun. Let us know which tip works for you or if we missed any that you have been using regularly with your partner.