5 Authentic Reasons Why to Choose ExpoMarketing 


ExpoMarketing is not only a recognized leader in the industry but also an award-winning organization in the show exhibit industry in the country. It’s services since 1991 have been top notch. At ExpoMarketing, we specialize in high-quality trade show booths for rent or to own. We also guide you through the process of deciding whether to own or rent a show booth by providing you with the pros and cons of both.

Why choose ExpoMarketing?

Excellent Customer Care Services

With an outstanding customer care services team, ExpoMarketing ensures that customers’ queries and requests are attended to in an exemplary manner. The team goes above and beyond to assist our clients. Our professional and experienced specialists will offer you satisfactory advice on the best design and form of the custom exhibit for your business. It has been our priority to ensure customer satisfaction, and that has given us the chance to be the best in the industry. We understand that time is money. Therefore, our team ensures that they save you both by delivering your expo exhibits on time and safely.

Expertise in Designing and Building Custom Exhibits

ExpoMarketing is an expert in designing and building custom exhibits for purchase as well as offer a complete range of portable exhibits and accessories. The in-house creative team is responsible for designing as well as producing all format graphics, while the professional’s trade show team takes care of all the logistical necessities from the word go till everything is in place.

Largest Rental Inventories

ExpoMarketing is known to have the largest rental inventories across the country, and our services are extended to every budget and brand. ExpoMarketing works with all types of organizations from multinational corporations to start-ups to other growing businesses for successful trade shows. Working with all brands, budgets and businesses make us stand out from the rest in the industry.

Customer Collaboration

Creativity and innovation are key facts when it comes to designing trade show displays. The professionals at ExpoMarketing understand the importance of creativity, therefore integrate their different ideas together to come up with a breath-taking and customer attracting trade show booth for you. We collaborate with the customer at every stage of the design and fabrication process to ensure that your ideal brand image is reflected and you are satisfied with the end product. Also, before the trade show event, we make it a priority to stage all our trade show booths in our facility for you to experience the booth either via video or in person.

Trade shows provide you with an opportunity to connect with clients and other businesses. For you to stand out during a trade show, you should have a show-stopping trade display. Invest in a custom made a display from ExpoMarketing as we ensure that your display is colorful, and instantly lets people know who you are as well as the kind of business you are carrying out.

Customer Value

We value our customers; hence, we are dedicated to ensuring that they stand out on the show floor by offering unique solutions using impactful lighting effects, striking graphic design, and premium infill materials. The customers who keep coming back time and again gives us the motivation to do the best we can to provide them with a better experience than the previous one.

Whether you are in the market for social media marketing, large format graphic, web design, a booth rental, or exhibit display at the next expo trade show do not hesitate to enquire for ExpoMarketing services. What makes us stand out from the rest in the industry is that once you reach out to us for our services, we proudly show you around our creative workflow, let you meet our creative design team and take you for a walk around the warehouse.