4 Ways to Wow Your Colleagues After the Holiday Break


The December holiday break is rapidly approaching, and apart from the family dinners and much-needed relaxation time, you’ve also got one thing to look forward to afterwards: wowing your colleagues with your new year transformation! Do you want to return in 2018 as exactly the same person? Or do you want to be an improved version? Here are a few small ways that can lead to big impressions.

New makeup routine

You might be surprised at the vast amount of ways in which makeup can be applied. After reading our holiday makeup guide, why not bring in some of these contemporary techniques into the new year? Whether it’s a new shade of eyeshadow or a different brand of lipstick, switching things up makes us feel alive and ready for more challenges. Take this feeling back with you to the workplace and your colleagues will be stunned at the new look you.

New major accessory

Often called a “statement piece”, this is jewellery that is either bold, bright, or large enough to be noticed. A statement piece can be anything from a necklace to a pair of earrings or even a handbag, but in any case, something that is immediately noticeable and gorgeous. We believe that wristwatches are coming back in a big way, especially those made by Swiss manufacturers like Rolex, Omega, and Tag Heuer. Move over smartwatches, we want beautiful mechanical watches back! What we don’t like is brand new prices though, which is why we suggest finding an Omega or similar brand on the online second-hand market.

New hairstyle/colour

What’s more striking than coming back from a holiday than with new hair? Make your colleagues’ jaws fall to the floor when they see you with a hot trend straight from the runway. Whether you go for the “wet look”, relaxed curls, a super short bob, or even use bright pink or blue hair dye, new hair can invigorate you in ways you never knew possible. You can even do this every year! There’s no reason why you have to settle for one look – switch it up and you’ll never be predictable.

New tattoo/piercing

And speaking of being anti-predictable… you can shock everyone in your workplace by getting a new (or even your first) tattoo or piercing. Prove to them you’re not the typical “nice girl”, but that you’ve got some edge to you! The tattoo doesn’t have to be a giant dragon on your forearm or angel wings on your back, it can be something meaningful from your favourite book or movie placed on your neck, wrist, or close to your bicep. Likewise, a nose ring will show people you’re on the right side of cool and someone who isn’t afraid of shaking the foundations every once in a while.

Of course, it’s not all about physical changes when you come back to the workplace after the holiday break, it’s also important to feel rejuvenated and revitalised in your mind, body, and soul – after all, that’s why we need to take holidays in the first place! Come back feeling calm and ready to take the new year head on.