4 Ways To Use Technology To Improve Your Relationship


Technology is embedded in everything we do in the early 21st century. There are apps we can use to program our central heating and lighting when we’re not at home, and if you want to seek a compatible partner, you can easily sign up to the matchmaking service for onenightfriend dating. Once you’ve signed up, you can browse through an array of appealing singles, and once you’ve homed in on a particular individual you’d like to know better, it can be very easy to flirt with them. Dating websites have certainly opened up a whole arena of possibilities for today’s singles.  With so many apps, websites, and gadgets, how do you select which aspects of technology would be most appropriate for improving your relationship? Here are four suggestions for you.

Be creative with your electronic communication

Because we have such ready access to instant communication, whether that’s firing off text messages from mobile devices, sending e-mails or using messenger services in our previous social media platforms, there can be a tendency to take this for granted. Texts can become flippant rather than meaningful. But in order to make the most of the available technology for your relationship, it would be far more beneficial to pay closer attention to the messages you’re transmitting. This is particularly in the case when it comes to texts. Because we are all leading such busy and active lives, text messages are ideal for shorthand communication which can have an inversely potent effect. With a whole range of emojis or animated GIFs available to enhance your words, you can send these off at any time, guaranteeing to bring a smile to your partner’s face.

Take advantage of video chat software

With the advent of Skype and programs like ooVoo, Jitsu and many others, we now have the ability to engage in far more personal correspondence with our loved ones. This is especially helpful at those times when we are separated, whether that’s due to work placement or any other reason. Having the ability to actually see your partner during your conversation makes for a much more vivid and interactive experience.

Embrace the social aspect of social media

Social media is useful for sure many reasons. On the one hand, it can certainly alleviate the stresses of day-to-day living by presenting some entertaining distractions, whether that’s lists of movie trivia or striking images taken from space stations! On the other hand, where relationships are concerned, the real strength of social media is in its ability to construct and maintain a network of support around you and your partner. For instance, you could end up commenting on the shared Facebook posts, interacting with mutual friends, building a communal spirit around your relationship. If you do have any issues, rather than these being something you have to deal with solely with your partner, there will be an array of supportive voices for you to tap into.

Allow technology to organize your love life

The whole point of technology is everything has been designed to improve and enhance the way we conduct ourselves, whether at work or leisure. A whole raft of websites or apps serve the sole function of making things easier for us in so many ways. Workplaces have been tapping into this facility for some time, employing computer programs which will do everything from prioritizing tasks to ensuring everything is entered into an electronic diary which will then create alerts and notify everyone concerned whenever there are important meetings to be attended or deadlines to be aware of.

This can readily be extrapolated into your personal life. It might seem like the opposite of romance to have everything carefully recorded and notified in a virtual calendar. But where’s the harm in being efficient, and ensuring there’s never any possibility of forgetting important events such as date locations,  birthdays or anniversaries?