4 Tips To Win More Paladins Matches


Some professionals often say that Paladin is not too hard to win if you employ the right strategies. While we agree with them, it’s hard for a newbie to do the same. Maybe you’ve played some games and even won some but not satisfied; we’ll help you out with that.

The truth is that you can’t win all the time, but it’s possible to win more times than you lose. So if you’re ready, check the tips for more wins below. Also, if you’re better off using Paladins aimbot to strike your enemies faster, you’re still on the right track

Tips To Win More Fights on Paladins

1.    Don’t ignore the Casual.

Many players ignore Paladins’ casual game, believing that it doesn’t have what they expect. But don’t ignore the games; instead, use it to master the whole champions in the game.  Once you know what every champion can do before playing, you can know how to tackle them. You will also understand the game better and improve your game sense.

Moreover, Paladin casual allows you to play different characters. That way, you can prevent possible burnout. Since no one is perfect when it comes to games, it’s not bad to discover play styles or new builds in casual to improve your skills.

But remember this, playing against AI is not the same as playing against other players in the game. When you cross level 5 and enters the real arena, focus on it. Don’t believe you’re unbeatable because you won your matches against bots.

Instead, use the Bot-playing period to horn your skills and master the voice commands and other Paladins mechanics. So, once you leave that stage, embrace the real enemies and fight seriously.

2.    Pick a Good Hero

Don’t rush into Paladins without a good hero who’ll protect your back. Your choice of hero must be up and doing no matter the tier you’re playing. For Tier 1, you can consider Androxus, Cassie, Dredge, and Drogoz. For Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5, and 6, take your time to check through the Heroes and pick the best for your game strategy.

One Hero can be good in one area and wrong in another area. So, as you study their abilities, you’ll understand the ones to pick. However, many gamers vote Androxus as the best Hero in Paladins.

3.    Check the Champions against you.

Some of the Champions to watch out for include, Androxious, Zhin, Maeve, Tinerious, Vivian, Etc. Each of these fighters is not easy to defeat. Androxious can kill you within seconds and can even prevent you from going anywhere near the stacks. Being airborne, you can fight him with Obliterates threat. Zhin is also deadly. The worst is that it’s harder to kill him, and he has reliable weapons and advanced cooldowns. Knowing these champions will help you avoid them or attack them in a way to kill and not to get killed.

No matter the role you are playing, don’t just let the rules control you. Instead, use every advantage and ability of the role to support your team. For instance, playing as a tank shouldn’t limit you to rushing to the point. Since you can survive in most situations, why not work the map to your advantage and destroy your enemy’s support. If you use your game sense, you can pick the fights to join and avoid.

4.    Use your Ultimate at the right time.

No matter how tempting it is, don’t use your Ultimate at the wrong time. The best times to use the Ultimate can be when to push in or when there is a close fight between the teams. You can also use it to distract the enemies or block them from causing too many damages to your team.

Don’t use the Ultimate when your team is already winning or losing. You can save it for another fight in these situations. Also, if your team is far from you, why use the Ultimate.

So, choose the appropriate times to use the ability for more impact.



Paladin is a game you can win by following the pro strategies we’ve shared here. Make sure you master the game and its mechanics. That’s why you start by studying the champions, picking your hero right, and even changing the BOT mindset.

Also, don’t forget the casual game to help you understand how the game works. Even though you have ultimate abilities, try to save them for that advantageous moment when your team will benefit from it.

We also mentioned some of the champions that will kill you fast but refuse to die. Don’t fight them without a strategy. Run and strategize with your team on killing the tough dudes instead of dying in a few seconds after meeting them.