4 Tips to Help You Get Your Hair Salon Off the Ground


Reports stay the beauty industry is worth over $56 billion annually, with hair care representing the largest sector on the market. This happens because, economic recession or not, people need to give themselves basic grooming, so there’s always someone looking to cut or upgrade their hair.

A salon is no different than any other business, and if you are planning on opening one, you need to switch to a business mindset. You need proper planning, budgeting, and a bit of luck to succeed, but it’s definitely not impossible.

To help you out, we put together a list of the for main aspects you need to consider before opening your salon.

Figure out the costs

Calculating how much money you’ll need to run your firm is an important part of your business strategy. Bear in mind that it’ll take at least a few months, if not more than a year, to break even between the startup costs and operational costs you need to take care of.

The most important aspects of starting a salon are the running expenses, which include rent, training, hair salon insurance cost, inventory, and the prices you’ll charge for your services – all of which must be balanced against one another in order to make a profit. The majority of your operational costs will be defined by the size and scope of your vision, but how you price your products and services will be determined to some extent by the local market.

Find a good location

One of the most important aspects of selecting a salon location is to ensure that it is centrally placed, with plenty of foot traffic and ample parking. Another consideration is staying close to where existing clients may want their hair trimmed or colored, if you have worked with them before opening your salon and want to keep them coming back to you. Besides location, another important aspect is the place itself. Make sure it’s spacious enough for your business needs and well distributed from the reception area to bathroom partitions.

Hire the right staff

Just as it’s critical to scout for the appropriate place, hiring the correct employees can make or break your firm, so don’t make a hasty decision just to fill seats. Conduct interviews, hire the people that are competent enough to elevate your salon, and don’t compromise.

Put up ads on websites such as LinkedIn and Craigslist, but make sure you also search for reliable staff through word-of-mouth, by talking to friends, family, and clients.

Invest in marketing

It’s time to get some customers once you’ve completed your business plan, insured your salon, and determined your location. Begin by calling your former clients and having your hairdressers do the same to inform them that you’ve opened your own salon. Give additional thanks to any clients who opt to relocate with you and encourage them to suggest you to their friends.

It’s critical to also identify strategies to bring in new consumers and keep them, in addition to securing old ones. In today’s world, this entails building a website and communicating via social media for marketing purposes.