4 Reasons Why You’re More Likely To Fall In Love Online Than In Real Life


Online dating has become part of the fabric of modern relationships, with new sites springing up on a regular basis. What was once considered a last resort for people who had been unsuccessful in traditional dating outlets is proving just how wrong those misconceptions were. More and more people are eschewing soulless singles bars and noisy nightclubs and opting for online dating.

Statistics have revealed almost half of all singles in the UK have used the Internet to find love – and this is a market growing year on year. So what are the four main reasons you’re more likely to find lasting romance online?


Dating sides are focused on bringing people together who are suitable for one another. They operate with algorithms designed to match people according to parameters such as age, gender and sexual preferences, as well as aspirations and interests. Websites themselves also offer a dizzying array of topics for singles, catering for every possible connotation, from divorcees to senior citizens, same-sex partnerships to Christians.

So even before you’ve introduced yourself to a potential partner in the online environment, you already know you have every chance of connecting with someone who is on your wavelength. Unlike approaching someone in a busy pub, where you won’t know the slightest thing about them, you will be meeting people whose backgrounds aren’t a complete mystery.


One issue with traditional dating is people can often resort to playing mind games, or spinning stories about themselves. This doesn’t mean they are being devious in any way, it’s simply human nature to put up a defensive front in certain situations. People are sometimes less confident in portraying their true personality in the early stages of getting to know someone.

In an online environment, the opposite is the case. The discreet and relaxed atmosphere offered by a dating resource encourages site visitors to open up. Connection with a kindred spirit on the Internet often means true feelings are divulged in a much shorter time than they would be in the real world.

Singles environment 

When you are seeking out a romantic attraction, the problem with entering a bar or club is not knowing which of the many attractive people you can see before you are actually ‘in the market’ for a relationship. This is also the case with, for instance, new starts in your office, or people who might appear on your radar in any other social situation, like the person who has started serving behind the counter in your favorite coffee shop.

But the moment you sign up to become the member of a dating site you already know the status of everyone you will meet in the singles chat rooms. If you spot a portrait of someone who makes you doubletake as you browse through the profiles, you know they’ll be available, and quite possibly a suitable match for yourself. This will boost your confidence no end as you start getting to know them better.


Getting in touch with someone online couldn’t be more straightforward. You can send someone a wink before you’ve engaged in meaningful conversation. This lets them know there’s someone who is interested in them, a bit like a charming smile across a crowded room! But once you really start connecting, you can establish a rapport very quickly. Instead of blurting out lines, you can take time to compose messages. The more your confidence grows, the more you will be inspired to flirt and share your innermost feelings, building the potent sense of chemistry that can so very easily lead to love.