4 Reasons Why Having a Christian Faith Could Help You Enjoy Better Mental Health


We live in a society where there is no shortage of things that could cause or exacerbate poor mental health. One of the positive developments to come about over the last decade or so is that mental health conditions do not have such stigmas attached to them. As a result, people are not as prone to feeling ashamed about mental health conditions or hiding them.

However, it’s understandable that many people want to discover ways to have better mental stability and even reduce the presence of symptoms associated with poor mental health. Practicing the Christian faith is one option to consider for several fascinating and thought-provoking reasons.

1. Faithful Meditation Could Increase Inner Peace

Many mental health conditions, ranging from depression to excessive anxiety, can get worse when people fixate on thoughts and beliefs that may be untrue. For example, they may believe that their close friends no longer like spending time with them, but the reality might be that those people have just gotten busier than usual. When individuals who struggle to maintain mental health latch onto damaging thoughts, their conditions could become harder to manage.

However, faithful meditation could calm the metal disruptions caused by those thoughts and encourage people to focus on other aspects, such as breathing. Many people think of meditation as a practice associated with Eastern religions, but it has a place in Christian circles, too.  Psalm 46:10 commands readers to “be still and know that I am God.” Faithful meditation could be one effective way to achieve that stillness by getting a break from the fast pace of everyday life.

People who practice faithful meditation often recommend doing so while focusing on a particular scripture. You could find one that matches whatever mental turmoil you’re experiencing during a given moment.

2. Being Part of a Church Congregation Could Remind You That Support Exists

Despite the fact that technology makes it easy to reach out to friends at any time, people often feel lonely and believe that no one is going through things that are similar to their challenges. Then, they may cut themselves off from others and think that they are a burden to those people.

When people are already dealing with mental health concerns, isolating from others can be exceptionally dangerous. That’s because research shows that loneliness worsens some mental health conditions. So, although a person may become lonelier than usual after willingly separating from friends, prolonged loneliness can also make it harder for those people to break free of the damaging cycles caused by mental health problems.

Christians often go to church every Sunday and many get involved even more by attending Bible study classes, social events, or fundraisers associated with their churches. Together, all those things help attendees get to know like-minded congregation members. They’ll almost certainly realize, too, that the problems they face are not as strange as they seemed at first. Confiding and others and admitting the need for support can help formerly overwhelmed people feel like weights are lifted from them.

People need to realize that it may take several months to find churches where they fit in and can feel like themselves. It’s absolutely okay for that length of time to pass. Otherwise, individuals might rush to become associated with congregations where members are overly controlling and not accepting of people with different viewpoints.

3. Christianity Encourages Trusting in God and Relinquishing Control

It’s not as difficult as some people think to fall into periods of ill mental health. We live in an often-chaotic world where so many things are outside of our control, and knowing that can make people feel helpless. However, one of the principles of Christianity involves praying to God and asking for assistance, giving thanks, or bringing to mind people who are going through hard times.

When people get into the habit of having a regular, active prayer life, they could become more content with the knowledge that although there are some things they cannot influence, there is a higher power in control. Then, they could find themselves more able to stop getting upset when life seems especially hectic. They could also believe that, through prayer, they can help bring more righteousness to the world.

4. Learning Opportunities Are Abundant

Boredom and a lack of purpose can both wreak havoc on one’s mental health. In the worst cases, people may start wondering why it’s even worthwhile for them to keep living because they are no longer mentally stimulated by what life offers. However, the Bible offers fascinating chapters to study, and many ways to learn. The Way International is one example of a non-denominational ministry with a wealth of learning materials to explore.

By diving into what the Bible teaches and becoming committed to taking it to heart, people could find they feel more fulfilled than usual, resulting in better mental health. Plus, there is always more to learn, even for people who consider themselves experts on the Bible.

Poor mental health negatively affects the lives of people all around the world. But this list reminds people why the Christian faith could boost mental health for life.