4 Persuasive Reasons Why Switching to Homeschooling Makes Sense


Homeschooling: Why Parents Decide to Educate Their Children at Home

Why homeschooling and not traditional learning? More and more parents and teachers are beginning to answer this question today. Except for the apparent advantage of spending more time with their families, students can also enjoy the benefit of distance education. Today, roughly 2.2 million kids in the US are studying at home, and there are good reasons for such a tendency.

Children Should Be Able to Develop Their Potential

It may come as a real surprise to you, but many successful entrepreneurs didn’t go to college. All they know is just some basic things students study at school.

However, spending enough time on self-self-education helped them understand how to make money without cramming all those creepy algebraic formulas, grammar rules, and other things they usually teach you at school.

One of the examples could be Barbara Corcoran who makes millions by investing in real estate in New York. This lady had always felt a little embarrassed about not having received higher education — she was even a D student in school. No one cared about what she wanted to study, and the girl had no interest in most of the subjects.

Barbara always had a talent for making money, but she had no chance to realize her potential at a school where everyone had to obey the same rules. She recommends homeschooling because this way kids can pick the subjects they want without making any compromises.

School Bullying Is an Issue

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, 33% of high school students reported being bullied more than once a month during the academic year.

These sad statistics make many parents care more about the mental health of their children. Bullying at school has adverse consequences for kids. Because of their hierarchy and laws, schools can be thought of as “bully-making” machines.

Students can even provoke a suicide of their classmates by constantly picking on the same victim. No matter whether a kid suffers from virtual or physical bullying, it may be better to choose homeschooling over traditional education.

Not all children SHOULD learn how to get along with others as not ALL kids are friendly and emotionally stable. There are plenty of vulnerable kids might have a hard time controlling their emotions and actions.

Even though most of the US high schools are taking active measures, the problem persists, so the parents of the children who suffer from bullying are in some cases considering switching their kids to remote learning.

It Makes Sense to Study Only Things That Matter

Often, children complain about not wanting to study a particular topic. Even though one may argue that all school subjects are equally important, some of them can be second-tier.

After all, we do not have lawyers or store managers that specialize equally well in all fields of study. Statistically speaking, specialists tend to achieve results faster than generalists.

Students often waste their time on things like homework tasks, getting ready for tests and exams, SAT Prep courses, AP classes, etc. They can only benefit from 25% of all these activities, while the remaining 75% little to no influence.

For instance, completing every single homework assignment will not necessarily make a student successful, healthy, and well-off in the future. Most of such tasks teach them how to research and write, but thanks to modern technological advancements, those things can be done much faster.

It is possible to find the necessary information in Google within seconds and not spend hours or days on sifting through a school library.

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This way, they don’t have to memorize everything they covered in class and can focus on things they consider useful.

Traditional Schools Are Quite Boring

Instead of forcing kids to study the stuff they don’t like, tutors should make their classes more fun by letting them learn by playing games, have free discussions, and watch educational movies.

Kids should love learning. Otherwise, their brain will block out all irrelevant stuff learned in class in order to free up some space for things that matter to them.

Many children complain about having too much homework, and that is one of the worst things traditional schooling can do. Experts believe that younger students should not spend more than 45 minutes on their after-class assignments. However, many tutors ignore those recommendations.

Instead of coming up with all those tiresome tasks, teachers should try to make complicated topics more understandable with the help of interactive games and other entertaining activities. Another good idea is to allow kids to work in teams and engage in brainstorming.

Though there are many good reasons for switching to homeschooling, traditional learning shouldn’t be disposed of altogether. Instead, it should be made less stressful and more enjoyable for students.