3 Tough Yet Rewarding Career Paths For Women


Finding a rewarding career path is no easy feat. Some women narrow down their options based on what sounds like interesting work, while others sort possibilities by the average salary. Some women default to pursuing a career in direct sales, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), but that can get tiresome after a while.

Regardless of whether you pursue a career in a field you’re passionate about, or you choose something with a higher potential for wealth, no career is without challenges.

Challenges should be embraced, not feared. Challenges temper us into stronger individuals in the face of opposition, hardship, and change. The best thing you can do when met with a challenge is run straight to it. If you’re looking for a new career possibility, here are 3 challenging paths worth running to:

  1. An insurance agent

It sounds boring, right? Don’t insurance agents just fill out a bunch of paperwork and talk about boring things? If you’re a creative artist who doesn’t want to get involved in tedious details and crunch numbers all day, yes, insurance will be boring for you. If you love math and enjoy helping people create personalized retirement and life insurance plans that will protect them when needed, being an insurance agent will be rewarding.

Vicki Gunvalson from The Real Housewives of Orange County has been an insurance agent since the age of 28. In an exclusive interview with InMyArea, Gunvalson describes her experience with being an insurance agent, including how she remains passionate about helping clients prepare for the unexpected. She says her commitment to her clients is responsible for her success, and that kind of commitment is always at the heart of any successful career.

“It’s a tough career, it’s not easy,” Vicki disclosed. “You’re not going to make money right away. It’s going to be a while before you start bringing in a paycheck and that’s a challenge for a lot of people.”

Gunvalson says insurance may be boring, but she’s not boring. She whoops it up and has fun, and stays in touch with her clients’ needs. Her company motto is, “Where retirement dreams come true,” and that, she says, is what her career is all about.

  1. A wildlife rehabilitator

Not commonly thought about, a wildlife rehabilitator has huge potential to be a rewarding and challenging career. Wildlife rehabilitators are like nurses for wild animals, examining their injuries and providing minor medical care and therapy to help them recover. They also determine whether the injured animal needs veterinary care.

If this career path sounds intriguing, you’ll be working with a variety of animals by implementing wound management, fluid administration, feeding, bathing, cleaning cages, and more. Depending on where you live, you could end up working with all kinds of injured animals including seals, bats, hawks, pelicans, turtles, snakes, birds, owls, deer, and raccoons.

Although some rehabilitators maintain a primary occupation in veterinary medicine, wildlife rehabilitators aren’t required to be veterinarians. Many wildlife rehabilitators have a degree in biology or zoology.

Aside from any medical training you need, you’ll be required to get licensed by the state or federal government in order to capture and care for wildlife.

Once trained, you can work for a number of agencies including governmental agencies, nonprofits, zoos, humane societies, shelters, or local rescues.

If you’re interested in learning more about what wildlife rehabilitators do, check out the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association website.

  1. A self-employed business owner

There isn’t anything easy about owning your own business, but the rewards outweigh the effort it takes to grow a business into a success. For example, Birchbox, Cisco, Slideshare, and Flickr were all created by women who had to work hard for a long time to see their business take off. Now their businesses are household names.

Being self-employed isn’t glamorous. It’s blood, sweat, and tears. Until you reach a certain level of automation, you’ll have countless sleepless nights and stressful weeks. In the end, however, you’ll settle into a place of confident expertise in your industry. You’ll be making a difference for your customers, and you’ll feel good about what you’re doing. You’ll never stop working hard, but at some point – if you’ve chosen the right career – it will feel more like play than work.