3 Stylish Gifts to give for your anniversary


When it is time to celebrate your anniversary of love and togetherness, you should do this in style. Whether you are celebrating your first anniversary alone or throwing a huge party for your 50th, there are three gifts you can give that will make the date memorable whilst at the same time showing your beloved that they are loved and cherished. A stylish gift is something that is fashionably elegant and sophisticated that will make you feel great.


For gifts that are symbolic of love, jewellery ranks very high. Some of the best anniversary gifts for her include jewellery that adds flair to her outfit. Whether diamonds, a colourful necklace or sparkly statement earrings, jewellery can make her feel like a million dollars.

For her

Spring adds colour to our accessories, welcoming in sunnier days. Choose colourful jewellery in her favourite colour or birthstone colour. Extravagant necklaces are on-trend, though she may prefer a more classic pearl and crystal floral necklace.

For a milestone anniversary or an anniversary that you want to mark as extra special, consider a ring, like an eternity ring, since this is something that only you can gift to her. Gifting jewellery is a gift that lasts a lifetime and something to be treasured. In time, these gifts can be precious heirlooms for the next generation.

For him

If you are celebrating your anniversary with a formal dinner, gift him a tie pin and cufflinks set so that he looks the best he can be. Have silver-plated cufflinks engraved for your 25th anniversary or have a monogram motif in enamel. Using the metals that represent your actual anniversary if you can: bronze (8), tin (10), steel (11), silver (25) to gold (50).


If you are celebrating your anniversary with a gathering of friends and family, you will both be the centre of attention. Even if you are not planning a party but will both spend some quality time on a dinner date, it can be fun making the same effort to impress that you used to make.

This could be a chance for you to gift something stylish for the other to wear on the day. For her, if she has her outfit already, gift her an on-trend neon coloured jacket or coat as seen on the catwalks of Tom Ford, Christopher John Rogers, and Courreges. She will look fabulous in her little black dress and will truly make an entrance.

For his formal look, consider a classic suit in black, charcoal, burgundy or blue. Gift him a new tie, made of silk that he can keep forever. This adds a sophisticated look, perfect if you want to be the centre of attention and you can accessorise with a matching pocket square.

Home Décor

Over the years, our homes become a constantly evolving mix of all the things you love, with key colours trending and changing. You can update your existing décor with some abstract expressionist artwork, with bold geometric patterns and blocks of colour. You could create your own masterpiece as a gift, using burnt red with navy blue or dull yellow with light purple.

In a break from greys and in contrast to the new neutrals, consider a sculptural gift that follows the trend for being aware of sustainability, particularly in a living room or bedroom. A silver vase will look fabulous against a dark background, whilst also being the symbolic gift for a 25th anniversary.

If you want to stick with the traditional anniversary gift list, you can find items of home décor that fit in with several of the symbols. For the first decade of your marriage, you can choose home décor gifts made from paper, cotton, leather, linen, wood, copper, wool, bronze and pottery, meaning that a stylish piece of home décor could be your anniversary gift of choice each year.