25th Wedding Anniversary – Gift Ideas


The silver wedding anniversary has been marked as a milestone wedding anniversary since the days of the Roman Empire when husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath when they had been married for 25 years. Surprisingly, the notion of gifts for every wedding anniversary only came about at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Here we take a look at the traditional gifts for milestone wedding anniversaries and then focus on the modern and traditional 25th anniversary gifts, with tips for the best gifts to the spouse, friends or relatives who celebrate their silver wedding.

Traditional gifts

Some anniversaries have been given names that offer guidance when looking for a gift for the couple or for your spouse. 5th wood, represents strength and a solidified relationship. The modern gift is silverware. 10th tin, represents the durability and flexibility needed to sustain a loving union.  In the US aluminium is also seen as a traditional gift with the modern gift suggested as diamond. 15th crystal, a symbol of the clear and sparkling love between husband and wife. The modern gift is a watch. 20th china, symbolises the beautiful and fragile nature of love, but also its durability. The modern gift is platinum. 25th silver represents connectedness. 30th Pearl, symbolises inner beauty and the value of shared experience. 40th ruby, represents love and passion. 50th Gold, for prosperity, strength, and wisdom. 60th diamond, means unconquerable and enduring and 70th platinum for true love, purity, rarity and strength.

Silver wedding gift ideas for your wife

Buy a silver ink pen and write her a poem of your love. Display this in a silver frame.

An understated, classy and unusual romantic gift is a heart-shaped wooden jigsaw puzzle which you complete, write your special message on the rear, break up the pieces and return it to the box before presenting it to your wife, who completes it with a central heart-shaped piece to read your message.

A large jewellery case for her prized gems. Add a piece of quality jewellery for her to enjoy. Add something special and unique that she can keep as a forever reminder of your special anniversary.

Make her feel glamorous with a gorgeous silver clutch bag that looks perfect with any outfit and occasion.

A new picture to hang on your wall can read the famous line from the Beatles “All you need is love, love is all you need” you can paint this yourself to make it extra special.  If you want something a little more personal, let her know she’s your queen by framing a small postcard on which you’ve written ‘always wear your invisible crown’ and draw a little silver crown in the corner.

Silver wedding gift ideas for your husbands

Create your own Gift Box of Love with his favourite sweets or chocolates, a T-shirt with a slogan or picture that you know will make him smile, a book of classic love poems, bottles of his favourite beer and make up some love tokens for everything from ‘win the argument’ to ‘foot rub’.

You can make, or buy, a gift book in which you write 50 reasons why you think your spouse is totally awesome.

If he enjoys whisky, put together a box with two elegant whisky glasses, some granite ice cubes that can be used over and over without watering down his drink. A book for the whisky mixologist and small bottles of his favourites, perhaps a Bushmills, Chivas Regal, Famous Grouse among others.

If he has old vinyl gathering dust in the attic or rotting away in the garage, buy a turntable with built-in speakers so that he can get these out, dust them off and enjoy playing again.

Silver wedding gift ideas for your parents

Record their love story over more hundreds of pages if you need them. Start from their wedding up to now, include milestones of their lives together including children, homes, good friends. Ask friends and family to contribute a few words of their best memories of the couple, funny stories, an impact they had on you that they be unaware of, what you admire, how they make you laugh, what surprised you.

If your parents enjoy being outdoors, there are few things more cosy, friendly or romantic than gathering round a fire outdoors, so gift a fire bowl so they can make a wood fire to extend the number of evenings they can enjoy the great outdoors.

Add a contemporary and fun touch to their home with a new picture, cushion, set of mugs or other item with a phrase that will make them smile. A cushion with the phrase “An absolutely fabulous couple live here” will add a fun touch to their home. Or a phrase from Mae West such as “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”.

Silver wedding gift ideas for the couple

There are a number of books published that will inspire your couple.  They may be at a stage in their life where childcare is no longer an issue so they can go travelling.  Find a book of ideas that will both inspire and entertain whilst offering a range of incredible experiences that range from one hour to one year.

A sophisticated silver-plated ice bucket with leather handle is on trend and will look great at future summer parties or smart picnics.

Holiday of a lifetime

Plan a get-away for this special occasion. If you want your holiday to be a romantic tryst, a get-away-from-it-all break or an indulgent stay in a fabulous hotel look at some of the best locations across the world, from Abu Dhabi to Vietnam, you’ll find a place of your dreams whether that’s a castle or a glass hotel, a desert or a rainforest. Create a list of what you would like and make one happen, saving the others for your bucket list. If time and finances are limited, consider a 36-hour weekend trip somewhere special.