15 Most Beautiful Haircuts for Short Curly Hair


Fun and Chic Hairstyles for Women with Short Curly Hair

Women with short curly hair say that curly hair is a blessing to them, and many blessings especially to women who are always on the go. Short curly hair leaves you with a lot of time since you can style it in just a few minutes. Besides, it doesn’t need an application of a lot of hair products and leaves you feeling cooler during the summer, and all that you need to do during the summer is just a toss of a scarf and you good to go!

But, do you have a way to do with it to look different? That is a question many ladies ask. Yes, browse down to read about some of the short curly hair styles with different spirals and waves. We are sure one of these shags, bobs, and pixies will inspire you.

Cute Short Curly Hair with Bangs

This beautiful look is achieved by razor citing the rounded layers just near the occipital bone. Much of the weight is removed on the entire haircut especially at the ends to make the bottom lighter and collapsed. It is a great look for ladies with wavy and curly textures that are brave enough to rock a curly bang. It is a simple and easy style which can be dried naturally using salt spray. You can also diffuse it for an enhanced fullness.

Fresh Stacked Bob

This cool stacked curly bob will leave you feeling fresh and light the entire day. It is effortless to style and maintain- you need just some product for scrunching the curls, and you all set to attend any event. Try it, and you will be surprised how cute you will look, with just quick styling.

Playfully Sleek Twist

This style is sleek and sexy with a quick twist. It is the peak of minimal fuss and maximum manes that you wake up, wear, and g! the shape of this look is what makes it unique, and it is designed for all hair textures. Besides, it is highly manageable and can be created easily. It is specifically best for women with naturally curly hair. It suits those women with less time to spend on styling their hair.

Disconnected Curly Pixie

As the name suggests, it is a disconnected pixie cut. The favourite thing about it is the subtle styling needed for it to look sharp and fabulous. It suits anyone with natural curls; however women with straight hair can also rock it, but they will need to use products to hold it and give it dimension and texture. Short curly hair cut as this is ideal for busy professional women who lack time for styling their hair, yet they want to show off their bold style and daring personality.

Natural Curly Short Hair

This is a youthful haircut for anyone experimenting their natural hair texture. It has a great shape, and the tresses are lively especially with some little care and texture. It looks great for most face shapes. It is quick to wear, and you can wash and go.

Modern, Short Curly Hair

This is a modern harbinger. What makes it the love for many women is its sophisticated look and the edginess. It gives you a professional look and lifts your personality. Classy as it is, it is also badass. It is all that a modern woman needs! This haircut looks stunning for all women who want a short hairstyle with specialty and personality. It rocks curly girls, but it can be worn by different hair textures. It is a versatile haircut and can be worn by modern professionals, businesswomen, mature women, and trendsetters. It also rocks teenage girls who are looking for something unique.

Curly Lob

This is a long lob. It is elongated at the front and shorter at the back. It is a great style for women with curly or wavy hair but can be customised for those with straight hair lacking layers. It also gives an impression of a longer face to women with round or oval face shape. It can also be pulled back in case you are involved in an active activity. It can be worn curly or in straight in a ponytail. It is an excellent choice for people who have all time for maintenance and frequent cuts since it looks great if the front is kept longer than the back.

The Best Point

This is a fun and chic curly look. It is a simple haircut, yet it explains what a curly hair should look. It is simple; strong shape and improved dimension. The adorable thing about this cut is that you can experiment with different techniques and shapes during the cutting process. It is an ideal style for ladies with naturally curly hair. If you have short curly hair, this style offers you easy maintenance for your regular curly look. This cut is not limited to specific face shape. As long as you know how to wear curly hair perfectly, you can rock it.

Short Tight Curls

This cute medium-length style is characterised by fringy edges. The best and liked thing about it is the seamless flow around the edges. There are also subtle bits of waves that hang down in specific parts on the entire perimeter. It is ideal if you are growing out your hair and you want something fascinating. However, it is advisable to get the right stylist who knows how to coax out each curl rather than breaking them up using a razor.

Thick and Curly Hair

Pixie haircut on curly or thick hair is undoubtedly beautiful. This style works with different hair textures; therefore, it is simple to wear and style. It looks great on women with wavy or curly hair who like having short curly hair but don’t have enough time to dedicate on styling.