15 Beauty mistakes you make with your hair


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Beauty essay example about 15 mistakes you might make with hair

We all can make mistakes when we care about our hair even without knowing it’s a blunder, that’s why we have gathered the most common mistakes you may do with your hair to help you avoid them and make hair beautiful and healthy!

  1. You may hold the brush wrong when using hairdryer. Usually people hold the heavier thing with their dominant hand, and a brush stays in the weaker hand. This is wrong because it’s much better to control the brush with your dominant hand. Try this and you will see you’d spend less time for drying your hair!
  2. When you use a conditioner, you apply it only to the ends of hair. For some reason, many people believe they should condition only the lover half of their hair, especially if hair is fine. But even fine hair needs good conditioning from roots to tips with a light conditioner that won’t make it weight down.
  3. You use a bath towel to rub your wet hair after washing. Of course, if you twist your hair too hard to release moisture, and rub thoroughly with a towel to make it dry – this is a big mistake because hair is weakest when it is wet, so you can easily damage it. Instead, gently squeeze your hair with your hands after washing, and then do the same with a towel. Don’t rub, but just blot and squeeze.
  4. You dry your hair with a high temperature. When you are in rush, it is so tempting to turn your hairdryer’s temperature switcher on maximum and do the job in a few minutes! This is a horrible mistake that damages and kills your hair. Remember that you should set the lowest heat to dry your hair. It’s better to spend two more minutes for the procedure and have healthy hair than save just a little time but get big problems with your hair.
  5. You use too much dry shampoo. Even if you have greasy hair that looks dirty the next day after washing and needs to be washed every day, it is not a reason for using a dry shampoo too often. This shampoo function is to absorb oil, so the more you absorb, the more oil your scalp skin produce. Don’t overdose on dry shampoo because it makes your scalp skin’s pores clogged, so your hair would look dirty and messed up even more often.
  6. Your hair is still wet, but you brush it. We already said that hair is the weakest and fragile when it is still wet, so brushing it would lead to breakage and damage. If you need to get the knots out after you squeezed your hair carefully with a towel, try to use your fingers (and a special spray, if needed).
  7. You dry your hair right after the shower. Remember that you should blow-dry it only when it will be about 60% dry, otherwise you would damage your hair. Don’t start to use a hairdryer right after shower, but squeeze your hair with a towel carefully and wait at least 15-20 minutes to let your hair dry. Then use a blow-dryer on the lowest temperature.
  8. You wash your hair too often. If you use a shampoo more than 3 times per week, this can lead to damage, dryness and breakage of your hair. Those people that have a wish to wash their hair every day just to feel it’s clean, can just rinse it with water and use a moisture conditioner for ends between using a shampoo.
  9. You skip products to protect the hair from heat. When you use hot tools for styling, don’t forget about special products to protect the hair from damage. In addition, you will keep your hair healthier and stronger.
  10. You are using the metal brush when drying your hair. It’s a mistake because metal overheats and can damage and even burn the hair. Find a plastic brush that can be used with heat tools without overheating.
  11. If you are too rough with your hair, it can put stress on your hair roots. Be gentle and careful with your hair every time you brush or style it.
  12. You don’t use any additional products for hair after washing. All hair types should be well-cared, so find the best thing your hair needs, and use a volumizer, styling mousse, or a texturing spray after every washing.
  13. You skip SPF products in summer. Hot weather and bright sun can be not very friendly for your hair, that’s why you have to use a sunscreen spray to keep it healthy and shiny.
  14. You are used to making a ponytail when your hair is wet. This is not good for hair because wet hair is very weak and easy to damage, so it leads to breakage. If you sleep with wet hair, this is not good for you too because it puts stress on your strands.
  15. You use dirty tools for the hair. Make sure that you clean your hairbrushes, hair ties, and other tools regularly. Every time you brush, you collect scalp sebum, debris, and dirt on your hairbrush. This is a great environment for bacteria growing, and when you reuse such hairbrush, you redeposit everything back into your hair. Don’t forget to clean your tools every time when you have noticed they are dirty.