14 every wedding checklist you need for your party


Planning a wedding is downright overwhelming and you don’t want to add chaos to the mix. This makes a wedding plan worksheet the first most essential material to grab. It reminds you to work on those cut magazines, mood boards, and cut clips you have. Wedding worksheets have all your tasks fitted in where you can see and prioritize them.

A wedding planning checklist saves you from carrying so much or forgetting anything. You can just download a printable wedding plan worksheet off your computer and tick tasks as you go. Some of them can simply stay on your tablet as you key in tasks with ease. At the end of the day, you’d have efficiently accomplished so much.

There are so many free printable wedding planner templates, but here are the 14 best wedding planner guides.


  1. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart’s wedding planner is practically a celebrity bride guide. It’s comprehensive and has a ton of tasks and timelines. You’ll also find guest lists, budget, flowers, photography, reception, and other individual planners. This is an essential companion for DIY brides and can be downloaded as an 8 page PDF binder. Its separate sections make it worth the while.

  1. Junebug Weddings

Junebug Weddings offers a free checklist that is well-tailored to suit your tasks regardless of the wedding timeline. The best part is that it also caters to post-wedding events and honeymoon. You’re covered from the very beginning until the end. This to-do wedding list can be printed as PDF or used interactively on the website.

  1. The Knot

The Knot has an ultimate planner checklist that’s complementary to its website. It is custom, tailored to suit you, and can be printed or viewed on any device. It’s free and easy to carry so that you can access your tasks from anywhere.

  1. Truly Engaging

This is an interactive wedding planning worksheet that lets you edit and add your task before printing it out. It guides you down to the wedding day and misses no details. You can print in PDF or use it over your computer.

  1. Real Simple

If you want a concise wedding planner checklist that you don’t need to carry about, choose real simple. It allows you to tick off tasks on your computer or tablet. You can also print it at your own convenience. With this planner, you have no fear of overspending. It tracks current expenditure, budget, and tasks. It is also user-friendly.

  1. SheKnows

Want to reduce paper usage? SheKnows boasts a wedding planning checklist that prints on both sides of a page. It breaks down tasks to their minute form and guides you down to the very last minute of your wedding preparation. The wedding organizer is also fashionable.

  1. Lemon Leaf Prints

If you need a checklist specifically for tracking your wedding budget, this is the one. The beautiful rose-gold organizer processes estimated and actual costs. It even takes care of the daily tasks up until the last thank-you notes stamps.

  1. Premier Bridal Shows

You can’t control emergencies on the wedding day but you can handle them effectively. If you want a checklist that also covers emergency items and kits for the big day, this organizer serves. Your maid of honor doesn’t have to run around saving your face at the wedding.

  1. Botanical Paperworks

If you love colorful printable wedding organizers, this is for you. You can download the Botanical Paperwork’s checklist in pink, cream, and blue. Tick off tasks as you go according to your timeline, down to the big day. The checklist is only a part of the full suite organizer that will help you make your day a breeze.

  1. Little Wedding Guide

From your engagement to a day before the wedding, this checklist acts as a guide. It is comprehensive and gives you a detailed view of your tasks. You’ll also information, consultation, or other helpful links if you seek clarity about a particular task. It is free and printable.

  1. Zola

If you’re looking for a custom checklist that suits your wedding timeline, try Zola. It is specific to destinations, rituals, religious affairs, and any other wedding addition. It also lets you set your tasks as you see fit. This allows you to add and delete tasks or notes that are relevant to your preparation. You can choose either a basic, detailed, or both checklists.

  1. Invitations by Dawn

If you’re at a loss on how to word your wedding programs, invites or guest lists, try Invitations by Dawn. It comprehensively tackles these areas that give many couples headaches. It works with your wedding style, religion, and theme.

  1. The Budget Savvy Bride

This is especially for DIY brides who need all the help they can get in planning their weddings. This wedding planner handles things from the engagement until the honeymoon. It shows you how to prioritize and save cash while getting value for your money. Sign up and download the free printable version so that you can key in tasks as you go.

  1. Perfete

If you have a very short time to plan your wedding, Perfete is your best guide. It prioritizes your tasks so that you know the things to do first until a day before. It gets you hyped up that you’d have done almost everything to perfection at a sane pace. It also shows off a printable gold and blush beauty.

A wedding plan worksheet keeps you grounded, productive, efficient, and de-stressed. Any of these organizers above will work perfectly for your ideas.