125 Tattoo Designs For Men That You Will Love For Life


Your home state


If you’re like most people, the state in which you grew up will always be synonymous with the word home, even if you haven’t lived there in years. Having your state’s outline or a symbolic image, such as its official animal or flower, tattooed on your body will make sure you always feel close to home.

Commitment ring


For some of you, a lifelong commitment like marriage may seem like a long way off. When the time comes, having a circular design tattooed on your ring finger is a subtle and romantic way to show your loved one that you are in for the long haul. For those who may not be interested in marriage, tattooing a football or school/class ring is also a great idea to pay homage to something that largely influenced your life.

Zodiac sign


Not only does a zodiac sign reference your date of birth, it can also reveal a lot about you asa person, being that each sign is associated with different personality traits. Having your sign permanently inked on your body will share information with others about you without revealing too much.

Book excerpt


It’s interesting how the literature that we read throughout our lives has such a profound impact on how we see the world, shaping many of our beliefs and influencing our decisions. Having a meaningful quotation from your favorite book, such as this one from House of Leaves, tattooed on your body ensures that such inspirational words will never leave you.



Like religion, heritage is an entity to which most people feel the need to pay reverence and respect. Whether it’s a serious symbol of homage, such as this Italian flag with words like honor and respect, or a humorous tribute, such as a slice of Italian pizza, getting a tattoo dedicated to your heritage represents where you came from and how it shapes your life in the present.

Spinal tap

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Tattoos are designed to embellish and decorate the human body, and there’s simply no better way to highlight its natural structure than with a tattoo that runs along the spine.